• Kauf Drops: The No Darvish Factor

    Yu Darvish couldn’t hold off the Houston Astros. In fact, he couldn’t even make it through three innings of Game 7 of the World Series, the biggest game for the [...]
  • Kauf Drops: Unwilling to Change

    Unwilling in Arlington… It’s been four years since Nolan Ryan walked out of the Ballpark at Arlington and the Texas Rangers have felt the empty space ever since. [...]
  • Texas Rangers Have Work to Do

    The Texas Rangers didn’t focus on their pitching during the 2016 offseason and it shows just how much it affected this team as they are looking at taking an early [...]
  • Kauf Drops: Writing a Different Story

    How many times do you watch a baseball game, either on television or live, and then go home and read the recap of the game you just saw? Maybe five percent of the time? Ten [...]
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The No Darvish Factor Follow Up

by Todd Kaufmann in MLB

There are some things that I didn’t how to write or really put into words in the article that I just posted on the site called ‘The No Darvish Factor’, a [...]


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