Kauf Drops: Replacing DeMarcus Ware, Spring Training Numbers, and Johnny Manziel

How will Johnny Manziel fare in the NFL? (Image: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports)

You replaced DeMarcus Ware with who?

It was no surprise to me that the Dallas Cowboys and DeMarcus Ware couldn’t come to an agreement on a “pay cut” or “contract restructuring” before the free agency deadline this past Tuesday. Ware walked away and, 24 hours later, signed a new three-year deal with the Denver Broncos (just in case they weren’t good enough already).

Here’s where the surprise comes in.

On Wednesday, we learned that the Cowboys had done their best to replace Ware with two different players. One of them being defensive tackle Terrell McClain, who spent last season with the abysmal Houston Texans, and the other was defensive end Jeremy Mincey, who was with the equally abysmal Jacksonville Jaguars before being cut by them in December of last year and then signing on with the Broncos.

But there’s where it gets really interesting and, at least to some of us, funny – neither one of these players were good enough to be starters on their respective teams (pointed out by Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News). But you can bet they’ll be starting for your Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones, everybody.


Why are we taking a serious look at spring training numbers?

This morning, I happened to see someone comparing spring training stats between a pitcher with the Texas Rangers and one from the Los Angeles Angels. Why we’re still comparing spring training stats, I’ll never know.

I always use the example of a former pitcher with the San Diego Padres and, oddly enough, the Texas Rangers. Chris Young, the 6’10” right-hander that was traded from Texas to San Diego in the same deal that also sent first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to San Diego, had a certain spring training where his earned run averaged had ballooned over a 10.00. I remember so many Padres’ fans freaking out because, at that time, Young was their “ace.” They needed that guy for the upcoming season and they needed him to be great.

By season’s end, Young was in the running for the National League Cy Young award. My point is, don’t look at spring training numbers and freak out about what a certain pitcher, or hitter for that matter, is doing. It won’t matter when the season actually gets underway.


Johnny Manziel won’t sit, but maybe he should

I don’t know what would be a worse situation for former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to walk into, the Oakland Raiders, who have pick number five in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, or the Houston Texans, who have the very first pick in the draft.

If you asked me my opinion on what would be best for Manziel’s career, though I know this isn’t anywhere near likely, it’s for him to sit for at least two years and learn how the NFL works and get used to how fast and how good these players are. While I know he comes out of the SEC, the best conference in college football (allegedly), that didn’t seem to do JaMarcus Russell any good.

Manziel certainly can’t be compared to Russell, though both were really good college quarterbacks, but getting thrown to the wolves in any of the two aforementioned cities might spell disaster for his career before it ever gets started. Before Raider fans get offended by what I’m saying, can you tell me the last quarterback you drafted who became any good at all? Or a mainstay for that matter?

I don’t doubt Manziel’s ability on the field; he’s certainly proven enough times that he can get the job done when he needs to. But the NFL isn’t college football and the NFL isn’t the SEC, no matter how good that conference in the south might be.

Maybe he’ll prove me wrong. Maybe Number 2 has that big of a chip on his shoulder to become the next Drew Brees.

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