How Johnny Football Becomes Johnny Cowboy

Johnny Football becomes Johnny Backup in Cleveland (Image: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman)

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — After Johnny Manziel’s impressive pro day, wherein he wore a helmet and pads, an unheard of yet realistic way to showcase his talent, some Dallas Cowboys enthusiasts are salivating at the chance for Jerry Jones to take Johnny Football. Make no mistake: if Manziel falls to sixteen, Jerry Jones will take him.

Personally, I don’t think it’s going to happen. If it did, this is what it would take:

We start with the number one overall pick. According to John McClain, longtime Houston NFL insider, the Texans are more impressed with Blake Bortles just as you’re impressed with his girlfriend. So, they’re probably going to pass on Johnny Manziel.

The Rams pick second thanks to Washington coughing up a king’s ransom for RGIII. In fact, it’s rumored the Rams will want to trade out of the penultimate spot due to the flexibility having the thirteenth overall pick gives them. Even if they stay, it’s easy to presume they will pass on Johnny Manziel also.

Picking third are the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite Teddy Bridgewater’s poor pro day, Chris Burke from still has the Jaguars taking him third overall ahead of Johnny Manziel.

Up next are the Cleveland Browns, and they’re also in the hunt for either Teddy Bridgewater or go with another wide receiver. Either way, Manziel is still on the board. It’s also worth noting that the Browns didn’t even show up at Manziel’s pro day.

The Raiders are expected to go with either a tackle or a wide receiver. The Falcons are sticking by Matt Ryan. The Buccaneers have Josh McCown and Mike Glennon.

At number eight, it’s expected the Minnesota Vikings might take Manziel. However, Rob Rang of CBS Sports, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports, and a host of others see the Vikings picking Derek Carr.

The Bills and Lions are committed to their quarterbacks in E.J. Manuel and Matt Stafford. So, you can check them off. The Titans are expected to do something exciting like take a linebacker, while the New York Giants also fall into that category of not needing a quarterback.

Again, enter the Rams, who aren’t in the quarterback sweepstakes, will either take another position or trade down. You have to believe the Dallas Cowboys will be one of the teams the Rams call. According to Draft Tek, that would cost Dallas their first and fourth rounder. Or, Dallas could decline and wait until their first pick, because the Bears and Steelers ahead of them aren’t in the running for a quarterback. Either way…

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