Kauf Drops: Johnny Manziel, Laughter, and Game Five

Johnny Football becomes Johnny Backup in Cleveland (Image: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman)

He isn’t coming…

Johnny Manziel isn’t coming to the Dallas Cowboys. Let me repeat that. Johnny Manziel isn’t coming to the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, stranger things have happened like Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones selecting center Travis Frederick out of Wisconsin with a first round pick after scouts told Jones that they didn’t need to use a first round pick on him because he’d be there in the second or third round. So while I may sit here and say Manziel won’t be wearing the silver star on his helmet when he enters the NFL, I also have to admit in the same breath that Jones could shock us all when the first round gets underway on May 8th.

Here’s one thing I will say and I’ll preface this by saying I have no facts to back this up so I’ll call it a hunch. If the first round comes to a close and Manziel is still sitting there looking uncomfortable because no one has picked him yet, it won’t surprise me. Yes, I know there are too many teams looking for a quarterback in the first round of the draft for Manziel not to be drafted, but if there are those who think Manziel will still be there when the Cowboys pick at number 16, is it so far-fetched to believe he could still be there when the second round begins?

There are so many arguments made where the former Texas A&M quarterback is concerned about what kind of player Manziel is going to be in the NFL. One factor that is being argued too much that doesn’t matter as much as some want to believe is the teams he played against and the conference he played in. Here’s what I’ll say to that particular argument; how did that work out for Tim Tebow or JaMarcus Russell? Or how about Mark Ingram, a Heisman Trophy winner?

I certainly won’t sit here today and say that Johnny Manziel isn’t going to be a solid NFL quarterback, but I’m also not going to say he’s going to be the next superstar either. I’ve never seen a player come into the NFL Draft with this much hype and I know there are those who say Tebow had a lot of hype coming out of Florida but I don’t know that he had THIS much hype. It’s that hype that makes me wonder if Manziel is really as good as advertised or if he’ll become just another former Heisman Trophy winner turned NFL flop.


The struggles continue…

Prince Fielder isn’t going to struggle like this all season but it does make you wonder if the Detroit Tigers knew something the Texas Rangers did not when they called Rangers’ general manager Jon Daniels and told him they’d send Fielder to Texas and only wanted Ian Kinsler in return.

At this point Kinsler and the Tigers are doing all of the laughing, though not that hard with Kinsler hitting .162 over his last nine games, especially with Fielder hitting just above the .200 mark (.202), but the Rangers still feel like they’ll be the ones to laugh last and the hardest.

After losing two straight to the Oakland Athletics, and with their two best pitchers, Yu Darvish and Martin Perez, on the mound, there’s reason to have at least a little concerned especially because Darvish and Perez had eight innings of work – combined. But, those concerned with Perez’s start on Tuesday night need to tap the breaks a little bit for no other reason than it was just one start. He’ll bounce back.

As for Darvish, he picked up his first loss of the season and only had one win in his first four starts with three straight no decisions in between. It seems every time Darvish hits the mound, the offense takes the night off.

We’re only in the month of April and the season is still very young. No need to push that big red ‘PANIC’ button that looks a lot like the Staples ‘EASY’ button but at this point you would love to hit that ‘EASY’ button wouldn’t you?


Mavs vs. Spurs tonight. Who you got?

The Western Conference series between the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs is tied 2-2 although the Mavericks could easily be up 3-1 or it could be argued that this team has been good enough to have swept the Spurs right of this series and shocked the world.

But, the battle returns to San Antonio and the Spurs have the chance to take the series lead before it shifts back to Dallas for game six on Friday night but I’m not sure a Dallas team wants to face another game six because it hasn’t been a game remembered fondly by fans here in the area.

Do I dare bring up Nelson Cruz and game six of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals? Or how about the game six collapse by the Dallas Stars against the Anaheim Ducks just a few nights ago in the opening round of the NHL playoffs?

But, before we have a game six, there must be a game five.

Dallas Mavericks versus the San Antonio Spurs. Who you got?

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