Texas Rangers Should Live to Fight Another Year

Alex Rios stays put with the Rangers for now.

There aren’t many times that I would want a team to give up on a season. This time of year I normally start putting together a top 10 list of players that I think the Texas Rangers should make a deal for.

This year, however, is a little different; as is my thinking on what I believe this team should do. I know fans are frustrated and I know a few of the media guys are frustrated because of the things that are said on their Twitter accounts during the games.

Frustration aside, it’s not time for this team to package a few prospects together, guys they’ll never get back, and try to get the best pitching they can to try and right this ship for the second half of the season. The truth is, I’m not sure this team can be righted and I don’t believe there’s a deal out there that I would make just to try and make some sort of impossible one-year run.

I have to admit, I’m normally the guy who would give up a few prospects if I thought the guy they were going after was worth acquiring, especially if said player could make this team better heading down the home stretch of the season.

However, I have to give a hat tip to a good friend of mine Jeff Cavanaugh, part of the G-Bag Nation on 105.3 FM The Fan on your radio dial, because of something he said this past weekend.

I was driving up interstate 360 listening to his show on Saturday morning and they were talking about the Rangers and what could be done to try and keep the entire ship from sinking.

Normally, Cavanaugh and I disagree when it comes to this particular topic and possible trades, but this time I agreed 100 percent with what he said. “You make a trade to improve an already good team better. This team isn’t a good team right now.”

I couldn’t have said it better.

Here’s the biggest problem with July just over two months away. Everyone knows you need pitching. There’s no poker game where general manager Jon Daniels can play with other general managers around the league. There’s no bluff, there’s no pretending he’s holding pocket aces when everyone at the table knows he’s holding, at best, a pair of deuces.

He may as well throw his cards away and sit out this hand. In other words, the Rangers may as well let this season play out the way it plays out and live to fight another year. It’s not what a lot of people want to hear and the team that’s been showing up night in and night out, the team that’s current eight games back of the Oakland Athletics, isn’t what fans want to pay to see (but they’ll pay a lot more to see an 8-8 Dallas Cowboys team – but I digress).

The Rangers have given up prospects before and there have been any number of rumors regarding guys like Jurickson Profar among several others. But why give them up to other teams for guys you may only have for a year or two? Guys who may not even make you that much better (see: Matt Garza)?

I know it’s not the easiest thing to watch this team completely fall apart for the next three or four months, especially how this season has gone already, but to me, it’s just not worth giving up seasons that could turn into championship seasons two, three, or even four years down the road to land a few guys who may not even get you into the playoffs.

Sometimes you need to give up on a season to guarantee yourselves the shot at long term success. I don’t know that there’s anyone who would have thought, after two straight trips to the World Series in 2010 and 2011, that this team would decline this much just three years removed from their last trip.

You’ve got a farm system that boasts guys like Joey Gallo, like Rougned Odor, like the aforementioned Jurickson Profar. You put these three guys together on the same team, and include some of the pitchers who may be in Texas at the same time, and watch what this organization can do.

Those two losses in the World Series were hard to stomach, especially the one to the St. Louis Cardinals in 2011. But hitting that big, red, PANIC button isn’t going to do them any good just to try and save a ship that could be too far gone.

Derek Holland still hasn’t gone on a rehab assignment, neither has catcher Geovany Soto for that matter. Martin Perez and Matt Harrison are done for the year and where Perez is concerned, could possibly miss half of next year. Prince Fielder has still not returned to the lineup and hasn’t been the offensive juggernaut that most of us thought he was going to be when he was acquired from the Detroit Tigers. J.P. Arencibia was sent down to Triple-A Round Rock, and you’re counting on guys like Nick Tepesch and Nick Martinez to “eat up innings.”

There’s no trip to the Fall Classic coming this year and the playoffs might escape them as well. This front office can use the offseason to look at different possibilities both on the trade market and in free agency.

It’s not the easiest thing to call a season over just a few months into it, but the way the injuries have stacked up and the way they continue to grow, it just doesn’t look like this is getting better any time soon.

Time for Daniels to take that pair of deuces, keep his chips in front of him, and sit this hand out.

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