Kauf Drops: Injuries, Traditions and Bullying

Matt Harrison is just one of the players lost early on this season. (Image: Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Did this really happen?

We’re not even to the All-Star break and what we’ve seen so far with the Texas Rangers is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The month of June isn’t even half over and already this baseball team has lost Matt Harrison, Martin Perez, Jurickson Profar, and Prince Fielder for the entire season and could add a fifth name, Alexi Ogando, depending on the severity of the cleanup that will have to be done on his elbow.

While the team is calling it “acute inflammation,” we may hear more than that over the next three weeks while he’s on the shelf.

Also, left-hander Derek Holland and catcher Geovany Soto have yet to make their 2014 debut and aren’t expected to rejoin the team until sometime in mid to late July, Neftali Feliz seems like he may never return to the team, spending this season in Triple-A Round Rock, and first baseman Mitch Moreland will undergo a procedure on his ankle that will keep him out at least four weeks if not longer.

The conversation that will take place over the next month and a half will be about what this team will do or needs to do at the trade deadline. If you ask me, there’s no reason to start giving up players or dumping contracts just because the team doesn’t believe they have a shot at a playoff spot come October. At this point, the playoff conversation is a silly one so there’s no reason to even get into that.

The Rangers need to live to fight another year. They don’t need to be giving up anyone out of their minor league system just to try and get a piece here or there that might help them stay in the AL West race. There’s no need for that especially if it’s going to hinder them being able to compete next year, the year after that, and the year after that.


Texas/OU Staying Put

I’m all for tradition. Always have been.

I was happy to hear the news this afternoon that the “Red River Rivalry,” or otherwise known as Texas/OU Weekend, will be staying put at Fair Park, home of the Texas State Fair, through the year 2025.

There was rampant speculation that the game was going to be moved to AT&T (don’t call it Cowboys) Stadium and who could blame Jerry Jones for wanting the biggest rivalry in the state to be at his home stadium in front of a crowd that The Cotton Bowl couldn’t get close to?

Thankfully, tradition won the day and the game will remain at its home stadium for the foreseeable future.


NBA Free Agency

Normally I wouldn’t care about what happens in free agency where the National Basketball Association is concerned. However, when you have names like Lebron James among a host of others on that list it absolutely gets your attention.

The Dallas Mavericks could use another big piece to compliment the likes of Dirk Nowitzki and Monte Ellis but far be it for me to think that James would actually decide to come to Dallas. There won’t be any shortages of teams who will try to land the biggest fish in the sea but I don’t know that there is any team out there, outside of Miami, who has a shot to win multiple titles over the next few years. Or has the space in their salary cap to make such a signing.

Dirk can try to save the team all the money in the world, but that hasn’t seemed to help owner Mark Cuban sign any big time free agents over the last few years. He’s had his chances, but those players decided that Dallas wasn’t the place for them. Even Dwight Howard decided he’d rather play in Houston.

This will be the first time I’ll really be invested in free agency when the NBA Finals come to a close. We might see a few surprises. Or it might be one big, boring, snooze fest.



If you’re reading this I want you to do one thing for me. Open up your internet browser and type in this website: www.debully.org.

Last night, 19-year-old Brianna Fletcher, an up and coming country artist, stopped by our show and talked about her foundation and how much it means to her. She talked about her experience being bullied from fourth grade through her sophomore year of high school and how much that affected her. The idea was born long ago but the foundation started just six months ago.

Since then, Brianna has been to several schools in and around the state of Texas talking to students about bullying and ways that it can finally, once and for all, come to an end. However, as she agreed with us last night, bullying has taken on an entirely different look since social media sites like Facebook and Twitter came to be. It’s gone from face-to-face confrontations when I was growing up, to posting embarrassing pictures or messages to that person because, well, it’s easier.

What I want you to do is take this website and put it in front of someone at your school. A teacher, counselor, or administrator and let them know about it. I didn’t have to talk to Brianna for long during the show to know where her heart was with this endeavor so there was no reason for me not to try to do everything I could to help out.

If you would like to meet Brianna and have her come to your school to talk about her foundation and her De-Bully campaign, make sure you head over to that website, read all you can, and let her team know that you want to help out as well.

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