LeBron James Isn’t Coming to Dallas

(Getty Images) Dirk Nowitzki will have Monta Ellis, but not LeBron James

Mark Cuban has tried, and failed, to land that big free agent to play alongside long time Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki.

We’ve been through Dwight Howard, who felt Houston was a better destination than Dallas, Chris Paul, who never gave the Mavericks a second look, Daron Williams, who decided Brooklyn was the place for him, and now we’re going to really talk about the possibilities of LeBron James, who opted out of his deal with the Miami Heat just a few short hours ago, coming to to Dallas?

What makes anyone think he would make Dallas his home, or that Cuban can land a big time free agent when he’s failed in the past, when there are other teams who are much closer to winning a title than where the Mavericks currently are?

Well, the one thing this town does have going for it is James is a big Dallas Cowboys fan and could become a season ticket holder if he decided that he wanted to become a full fledged Texan.

Then again, he could fly here to see a Cowboys game any time he wanted so maybe actually being in Dallas isn’t really that big of a deal after all.

The only question I have in my mind is, which superstar will he choose to side with next in order to win another title. God knows James can’t do it himself, hence the reason he needed Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to get there.

Will it be Kobe Bryant? Carmelo Anthony? Or is there another big name, like Paul George in Indianapolis, that he’d like to play alongside just to rack up the rings and further his legacy?

One thing is for sure, he isn’t coming to Dallas.

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