Kauf Drops: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Can the Mavericks land this big time free agent?

The Dallas Mavericks meet with Carmelo Anthony later today to try to gauge his true interest in signing with the team wearing the blue and white and playing in the great city of Dallas. However, let’s stop just short of getting our hopes up of landing a big time free agent.

We’ve all seen where that’s gotten us before.

While Dirk is certainly not the spring chicken he used to be, playing alongside Monte Ellis, not to mention the return of Tyson Chandler, should give a guy like Anthony an idea of the kind of success the Mavericks could have with him in the fold. They still need a true point guard but that will come later after the Mavericks know where Anthony is going and after the get Nowitzki locked into what could be his last contract with the team depending on how many more years the big forward wants to play.

Oh, and don’t look into the idea that the agent for LeBron James is meeting with the Mavericks. James wants a max contract and the Mavericks can’t offer that and there’s a very small, very very small, chance James would ever take a pay cut to play here with Nowitzki. Not to see Dirk won’t take as little as he can to make something like that happen, but, again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

First things first. It’s time to woo Carmelo Anthony. Either he likes what he hears or he adds his name to the growing list of free agents who would rather play anywhere else but Dallas.

Strange isn’t it?

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