Kauf Drops: TCU, Trades, and Super Bowl Bound

Could TCU stood a better chance against Ohio State?

TCU parting ways with two different players

Big 12 media day is going on and all the media wants to talk to TCU head coach Gary Patterson about is the off the field drama surrounding Devonte Fields and Brandon Carter, both could see their careers with the Horned Frogs go drifting away with the fast rising current.

Fields, according to Fort Worth police, is a suspect in a domestic disturbance and while they wouldn’t release details, the Fort Worth Star Telegram is reporting that Fields threatened his ex-girlfriend with a gun, telling her “I should blast you” before hitting her in the head.

“Devonte Fields has been separated from the University pending results of an investigation into the allegations against him,” the university said in a statement.

As for Carter, it’s academics that may have ended his career with the Horned Frogs though his arrest for possession of marijuana back in April surely didn’t help matters. CBS Sports’ Dane Brugler says Coach Patterson thinks it best if the team, and the football program, parts ways with Carter and it seems he may not be welcomed back even if he can get himself eligible again. “He has a redshirt year and I think the best thing for him is to get a new start,” said Patterson.

Rangers have some work to do

The Major League Baseball trade deadline is just about two weeks away and, for the first time, I couldn’t be any less interested than I am right now. While I watch my hometown San Diego Padres trade away yet another homegrown player, Chase Headley, to the New York Yankees, it seems the team I follow from here in the great state of Texas will be looking to sell off pieces rather than being the buyers they had been the last three to four years.

The Toronto Blue Jays have interest in bringing back Alex Rios, reliever Joakim Soria is getting interest from different teams, and it’s likely others are calling on guys like Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus. While they can get returns on guys like Rios and Soria, I would hang on to the bigger names at least for right now.

Beltre would be as close to off limits as it gets. Andrus, however, is a completely different story.

Understand that this is just my take on the situation and not me saying they absolutely have to go one way or the other. When the season comes to a close, the Rangers will probably be getting interest in Andrus from other teams and, like they should have done a few years ago, I think they need to seriously consider dealing him if they can get the return they want, especially if pitching is involved. He’s still young enough for teams to not think twice about taking on the eight-year extension the Rangers gave him and, assuming Jurickson Profar is healthy and knowing how much the organization love his upside, he can slide into the shortstop position heading into the future.

Andrus is never going to be an offensive juggernaut or even a guy who’s going to be a guy pitchers fear when he steps to the plate.

This offseason is going to be make or break for general manager Jon Daniels but his job might get tougher if the San Diego Padres end up hiring A.J. Preller as their new GM and, if that does happen, word around the baseball water coolers is Preller wants to bring Don Welke with him. That might be a huge blow for the Rangers’ organization putting even more pressure on Daniels to prove the Rangers made the right move by giving him more control over baseball operations.

Super Bowl bound?

The Dallas Cowboys are in Oxnard, California to begin their three-week stay for the beginning of training camp. In those three weeks, the media will begin to try and make themselves, and the fans, believe that this is a team that can win more than five or six games this coming season.

I just happened to be flipping around the radio dial this morning on the way to work and happened to hear a local station, though not any of the sports stations for those of you who are curious, mention in their news brief that the Cowboys were beginning camp in Oxnard and followed that up with, “there are those who believe the Cowboys are Super Bowl bound.” I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything at that moment because it would have gone flying all over my steering wheel and dashboard.

I’d love to know who actually believes the Cowboys can do anything but be a middle of the road team. But, as it happened this time last year, a football team always looks better playing against no one in particular. Just because this practice or that practice looks impressive, doesn’t mean that will carry over to Sunday afternoons.

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