Kauf Drops: Arrests, Voided Deals, and Shots Fired

Is Raymond Felton's future with the Mavs over before it began? (Image: Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports)

One arrested and one voided

The Dallas Mavericks need a true point guard, now more than ever, especially since Raymond Felton was arrested in New York on gun charges and has plead guilty.

Felton pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm. He admitted he knowingly had a large-capacity ammunition magazine and a pistol without a license. (Dallas Morning News)

There’s been talk about the Mavericks trading Felton and this may have given them the out they needed to do so and move on. Speaking of moving on, it’s what the team has apparently done with Rashard Lewis after learning he would need to undergo knee surgery, something the Mavericks didn’t know when the two sides signed the deal. They may have landed Chandler Parsons for three years and $45 million and they may be chasing after Ray Allen who is also considering retirement. The Mavericks already have Devon Harris on board, signing him to a four-year $16.56 million deal and apparently they also have Jameer Nelson, the former Orlando Magic point guard, on their radar as well.


Former Cowboy doesn’t like a current Cowboy

If you didn’t hear it earlier this morning, former Dallas Cowboy Jesse Holley had some choice words when it came to current Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback Orlando Scandrick. Holley was on with Shan Sheriff and RJ Choppy of 105.3 FM here in Dallas/Ft Worth when he was asked about Scandrick and his response was less than enthusiastic. “He knows I don’t like him,” Holley said at one point. He would later go on to say, “if [Scandrick] is the best cornerback on your team, you’re in trouble.” It got a little more personal than that but posting the exact quotes would be taken far more out of context, and with a lot less humor, than hearing it for yourself when it was said earlier today.

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