Kauf Drops: Michael Sam and the Circus Coming to Town

Michael Sam, the newest Dallas Cowboy (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys are bringing the circus to town.

Ok, not really.

During Jerry Jones’ weekly interview Tuesday morning on 105.3 FM The Fan here in Dallas/Ft Worth, he was asked about the team’s interest in bringing Michael Sam to the Dallas Cowboys. It wasn’t a question that shouldn’t have been asked, after all Jerry is the general manager of the team and isn’t that a question you would ask to any other GM of a team who is in need of the position Sam plays, but Jones decided he didn’t want to talk about “available player or players.”

It wasn’t a yes and it wasn’t a no, at least not verbally. But for those of us who have listened to Jones long enough, you know the difference in “we’re not interested,” and “we’re not interested – wink, wink.”

A few hours after that interview, news surfaced that the Cowboys had, in fact, reached out to Sam and we’re bringing him to Dallas for a physical some time on Wednesday afternoon. If everything looked good, a deal would be in place for the former St. Louis Ram draft pick to join the Cowboys’ practice squad.

For now.

Those are two words to remember because the Cowboys are in need of the position that Sam plays, and played in college, and most believe he’ll hit the active roster a lot sooner than we think. So why is a former SEC Player of the Year joining the Cowboys such a huge story? I’m glad you asked.

The circus has been media made from the moment Sam “came out of the closet” after the 2013 college football season. It took off like a Texas summer storm and the media winds kept it going even through the NFL Draft and after he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. It was given a big kick in the backside last week when a certain ESPN anchor decided to ask his then Ram teammates about whether Sam showers with them.

Like the media couldn’t stoop any lower or make themselves look any more foolish. Congratulations, ESPN. You’ve reached a new level of stupidity.

The one thing that might work in the favor of the newest Dallas Cowboy is this franchise is no stranger to the media circus that circles the wagons this time every year. They’ve had their fair share of guys who want the spotlight or create image problems for the team. However, that doesn’t mean the players want to be asked about Sam, their feelings towards him, or the feelings of the team, fifteen times a day or after every game when, or if, Sam hits the active roster.

Jerry Jones will definitely have some explaining to do after he picked up a guy his scouts, head coach, and player development people passed on during the draft. They had every opportunity to pick him up long before the seventh round, so why didn’t they? That’s just one of many questions that will be asked of the Cowboys’ owner when he comes back on the radio airwaves next week.

For now, Barnum and Bailey may not have set up their tents yet. But the wagons are on their way to town and they’ll be set up and ready for what comes next when the season opens on Sunday.

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