Texas Longhorns vs UCLA Bruins: First Half Thoughts

Be patient with the young Longhorn quarterback (Image: 247Sports)

Texas Longhorns: I wanted to see why fans didn’t trust quarterback Tyrone Swoopes to take them into the future. He was a little slow to get going in the first few minutes but I’ve seen a lot of leadership come out of him in this first half. There were two different times I saw him throw passes that really impressed me.

One of them was on the run rolling out to his right and threw across his body, putting the ball where only Jaxon Shipley could make the catch. Had he thrown that ball to Shipley’s inside shoulder it would have been intercepted by the UCLA defensive back. But he put it on the outside shoulder and Shipley made a great catch.

The second ball was on a fourth-and-eight from outside the UCLA 30-yard line. Swoopes again rolled to his right and put a great touch on the ball. He put the ball high and out of the reach of the UCLA defender and got a great catch from his wide receiver John Harris around the five yard line.

A few plays later, Swoopes again put a great touch on the ball on a play action pass, hitting his tight end M.J. McFarland from two yards out.

Call it a coming of age if you want but Swoopes might be showing the Longhorn fans why he’s the guy for this offense and this team going forward.

UCLA Bruins: The bad news for UCLA came very early on in this game when quarterback Brett Hundley landed awkwardly on his elbow and had to come out of this game. While we’ve heard his return is “probable,” Hundley was taken to the locker room mid-way through the second quarter and has not returned to the game.

With Jerry Neuheisel, the son of former UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel, in the game the UCLA offense just wasn’t the same high powered offense. Gone was the guy who could beat you with his arm and his legs and the Longhorn defense took advantage of that.

Neuheisel showed his inexperience at one point in the second quarter when the Texas defense showed an all out blitz and there was no adjustment made at the line to change the play, call timeout, or have a receiver he could check down to. Needless to say, Neuheisel was sacked and the Longhorn faithful were on their feet.

The Bruins might have been ranked 12th in the nation coming into this game but they look nothing like a top 15 team. The Longhorns have had the momentum throughout the first half and the Bruins will need to make some sort of adjustment, or get Hundley back some how some way.

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