Kauf Drops: What to Expect

Be patient with the young Longhorn quarterback (Image: 247Sports)

From Tyrone Swoopes

Texas Longhorns fans don’t have a lot of patience and for good reason, they haven’t had a legitimate quarterback to look forward to since Colt McCoy was slinging it around Austin, Texas. There are certain negative things you could say about first year quarterback, Tyrone Swoopes, and for the most part you would probably be within reason.

However, I think you need to give the young man more than a year to build his confidence. After all, as some fans have already expressed to me during the Longhorns almost upset of the UCLA Bruins, the offensive line isn’t where it needs to be where Swoopes can have the time to throw down field. Isn’t that one of the things Dallas Cowboys fans complained about for most of the last five years?

I saw enough good things in Swoopes from that night that make me believe that he is going to be just fine come next year and the year after that, if he isn’t in the NFL by that time.

Coach Charlie Strong has tossed nine different players off the team since he took control so there are going to be some growing pains in 2014. If he doesn’t look like he’s grown or matured as a football player toward the middle of next season then there might be cause for concern.

For now, just be patient.


From Tim Bogar

I’ll say this as plainly as I can — Bogar will be the next manager of the Texas Rangers. He’s earned it. I have to admit I didn’t think that he would get the players to respond like they have over the last few weeks but they have done just that. But, with that said, he doesn’t have the full roster on board since most of them are on the disabled list so we’ll have to see how guys like Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder respond to Bogar when he becomes the man calling the shots and not just the guy in the background.


From Morris Claiborne

Mo decided to walk out on his teammates and away from Valley Ranch on Tuesday afternoon when he found out he was being replaced by teammate Orlando Scandrick, something that didn’t sit with with Claiborne. Which is funny because even the Cowboys cornerback admitted that he was terrible against the Rams on Sunday.

A day later, Claiborne apologized to his teammates and coaches and will apparently still play on Sunday despite head coach Jason Garrett saying he would be “punished” internally. Curious what that punishment is if he doesn’t miss any game time? As for what we can expect on Sunday, how about … Mo … of the same?


From Texas A&M

Arguably their toughest challenge of the season coming up at Jerry’s Place (AT&T Stadium) when they take on the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday. That tough challenge was supposed to come in the season’s first game against South Carolina but it never did show up prompting me to wonder if the Gamecocks were overrated or Texas A&M was just that much better.

First year quarterback, pride of Southlake Carroll High School, Kenny Hill is averaging over 330 yards per game (339.8) through the air and has 13 touchdowns to just one interception through his first four games of the season. He’s been far more dangerous than anyone gave him credit for especially since he had to fill the shoes of recently departed Johnny Manziel. Some wondered if ‘The 12th Man’ would be near as loud with Manziel gone, we quickly found out that Hill is proving to be just as much fun to watch but for different reasons.

If the Aggies dispatch the Razorbacks as easily as they did with South Carolina than winning 10 or more games this season may also not be out of reach.

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