Kauf Drops: Jason Garrett, SMU Coaching Search, and Prosper ‘Shakes it Off’

Let's not yell "Hail Jason Garrett" just yet.

Is Jason Garrett actually the real deal?

Ok, I’m here to admit that I’m still not buying in to Jason Garrett being the answer as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. However, I will have to say that he’s starting to impress me a little bit over these first four games of the 2014 NFL season. The Cowboys finally seem to have an identity and a guy leading that identity in running back DeMarco Murray. He’s been the workhorse thus far and is starting to look like one of the premier running backs in the league.

However, I’m not going to yell, “All Hail Jason Garrett,” just yet because I’m not sold.

I know there were a lot of Cowboy fans who didn’t want to hear the so-called “haters” talking about how the New Orleans Saints weren’t nearly as good as they have been in the past no matter how true that might be. With that being said, the Cowboys look like a better version of themselves from where they were last year and if we’re going to give credit to the offensive and defensive coordinators, we have to give credit to their boss. If the players are buying in to what Garrett is selling, then maybe, just maybe, the Dallas Cowboys are finally putting it together and could make a real run at the playoffs. They have the rest of their terrible division to thank for that.

It’s going to take a lot for me to admit that I was wrong about the head man of the boys with the blue start on their helmet. It’s starting to change a little bit but not enough. Four games does not a successful season make.


SMU needs an impact head coach

The SMU Mustangs program has an opportunity to bring in a new head coach that is going to impact the program the same way Larry Brown has done with SMU’s basketball program. While I understand basketball is far different from football, especially where recruiting is concerned, not to mention the lack of national championship potential because of the conference in which they play, it doesn’t mean they can’t bring in a guy who can finally bring some respect to the Hilltop.

If you’re on social media, especially Twitter, you haven’t missed the tweets from former SMU and NFL running back Eric Dickerson. “Another great showing by @SMU_Football. Something needs to be done. #Embarrassing” It was a tweet that led some of the SMU faithful to blame the rough goings on in Highland Park to Dickerson and the “death penalty” levied upon the university. The only problem with that accusation is that particular day in time came 28 years ago. If he, and those involved in the scandal back then, are really to blame for this season, should we give them credit for an eight-win season in 2009 after SMU had finished with just a single win a year prior? How about their 3-1 record in four straight bowl trips between 2009 and 2012?

Did the death penalty set the football program back? Sure. But to blame one of the players involved for what’s going on right now is going beyond what’s reasonable.

What the Mustangs, and the university, have to do now is put serious effort into finding a new head coach who knows how to recruit in Texas and surrounding states. A guy who isn’t afraid to go up against the Big 12 schools that dominate the state of Texas and Oklahoma or even up against Texas A&M who seem to be the top recruiting school at this point, at least in the player’s mind.

One name that came up a few weeks ago was Major Applewhite, the former Texas Longhorns quarterback and offensive coordinator, and it was rumored that he had actually applied for the job until a day or so later when Applewhite said he just wanted to know what the program was looking for and did not literally apply for the job.

Another name attached to the Texas Longhorns’ program is its former head coach, Mack Brown. While the program might be “intrigued” by the possibility of Brown being interested in the job. Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman also says the university thinks they can tempt him into considering the job. There’s one problem and it’s the question that I’m sure is being asked around the college football water coolers. Was Brown the reason for the recruiting that went on at Texas, or did the Longhorns and the UT name recruit itself? That should be a big question the SMU brass should be asking itself right now before they start throwing money at the former coach turned ESPN analyst.

There are all sorts of names who will come up over the next few months but there’s one name I think might be a good fit and a guy who has head coaching experience in college football’s top conference — Ed Orgeron.

While there are several reports out there that he’s interested in taking the Kansas job, I have to wonder if SMU wouldn’t be a better fit for him and a job where he can put his own touch on the program. Texas is one of the better places to recruit and he just might be able to get players to buy in to what he’s bringing to The Hilltop. If Kansas doesn’t get him first, I would hope SMU would at least reach out to Orgeron to gauge if he even has a sliver of interest. Let’s not pretend they can’t pay him what he’s worth.

Whoever SMU lands, it needs to be a guy who can make potential recruits, and their parents, buy in to the program and where it’s headed. June Jones was never that guy.


Prosper football shakes it off

When you’re in high school it’s a time where you can have fun, you can grow, you can learn, and you can form a bond with friends and teammates that may last a lifetime. I’ve been fortunate enough to call games for the Prosper Eagles and get to know a few of the players and watch them continue to get better. From their first win of the season over Birdville to their first division win over Sherman this past Friday, you can see them getting stronger and gaining confidence with each week.

That confidence led them to do something they knew they could have fun with and something that would get them a little more attention where most wouldn’t know anything about these young men who take the field each week.

What better way to do that than a parody of a song called “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. It held some significance because of what the Eagles had been through in blowout losses to Justin Northwest and Highland Park. They needed to ‘Shake it Off’ and get ready for their division opening game, something they did to the tune of a 34-7 win.

It has landed the fellas some media attention including an appearance on KVIL 103.7 FM in Dallas on Tuesday morning and the story has been picked up by places like a Fox affiliate in Boston, Fox Sports Southwest, Fox affiliate in Washington DC, oh, and USA Today.

The Eagles will return home this coming Friday night, after a four week absence, to take on the Bulldogs of McKinney North High School. Game time 7:30pm and can be heard on the Sportsgram Network.


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