Kauf Drops: Frontrunners, Football, and Blue and White Destiny

Tim Bogar may not be the one to replace Ron Washington (Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Tim Bogar no longer the favorite?

I posted yesterday on Twitter that there would be a lot of upset baseball people on social media if Tim Bogar didn’t become the next manager of the Texas Rangers. Well, according to a report from Dallas Morning News’ Kevin Sherrington, Bogar not only may not be the guy who ends up replacing Ron Washington in Arlington but he may not even be in second place at this point. Sherrington writes that Bogar “appears to have been passed” by the bench coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Jeff Banister, as well as the bullpen coach of the Cleveland Indians, Kevin Cash.

Third place? Really? They don’t believe in Bogar THAT much? Have the players in the clubhouse been asked about it and perhaps, though privately, most of them would rather go in a different direction? Or is Bogar perhaps another Ron Washington in the fact that he’s not going to let someone else fill out his lineup card (allegedly)?

Whatever the case may be, Bogar’s tenure in Arlington may be short lived.


It’s high school football, y’all

Ok, I have to admit I never thought I would have this much fun covering, and calling, Texas high school football. They’re kids, right? Well, as I’m finding out there’s so much more to it. I know most media guys would rather cover college football and the NFL, and who can blame them, but I’ll take little to no ego and great parents over both of those any day of the week.

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain relationships with a few of those parents and have been along for the ride during a couple of the recruiting journeys. They’ve been a lot of fun and I’m honored they’ve allowed me to ride shotgun. Well, maybe in the back seat but you get the idea.

One other thing I’ve found myself doing is watching a lot more film than I ever have before. While it’s only on Prosper High School, it’s given me the ability to watch a lot of other high school football players around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Not taking anything away from Prosper themselves but they’ve faced guys like Justin Northwest quarterback Jesse Drummer, the fifth best pro-style QB in the state (according to Rivals) and one of the more accurate arms I’ve seen in a high school quarterback, McKinney North running back Ronald
who, before sustaining an ankle injury a few weeks ago, was averaging near 250 yards per game on the ground. Oh, and by the way, he’s committed to Oklahoma State over offers from every big school you can possibly imagine like Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, and Baylor just to name a few. Another big time player from McKinney North was defensive back Bryce Balous, with offers from Nevada, Kansas State, Iowa and Arkansas State but starting to get interest from schools like Georgia and Baylor, who impressed me with his speed and he’s one of the bigger hitters I’ve seen this season.

If you’re a college baseball fan, you live in College Station, Texas, and you’re a big time Texas A&M Aggies fan then you’ll need to keep your eyes open for a kid coming out of Wylie East High School by the name of Braden Shewmake who’s an Aggie commit as a pitcher.

I could name a few more guys that I enjoy watching but it’ll end up being a longer article then I intended.


Blue and White Destiny

Yes, I know this has nothing to do with Texas but I’m going to write about it anyway. Congrats to the Kansas City Royals and all of the fans who have waited for this day since 1985. That includes a good friend of mine, Coach Tony Johnson who’s an offensive lineman coach at Duncanville High School. I’m sure he got a little misty eyed last night or perhaps he cried like a schoolgirl. Whatever the case may be, enjoy this one. Oh, and by the way, I hope they sweep the San Francisco Giants. Nothing would make me happier than to see the city of San Francisco watch their team get run over by the Royals.


Speaking of baseball

Former Texas Longhorns quarterback David Ash, who had to end his football career due to reoccurring concussion symptoms, will try his hand at baseball as a pitcher and has apparently been working out with former big leaguer, and Longhorns’ alum, Roger Clemens. Definitely wish him the best and if his athletic career takes off again with baseball then good for him.

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