Kauf Drops: Halloween Night Notes

Tony Romo has been doing more watching than playing lately. But will he be watching next season, or even be a Cowboy?

A very good Friday afternoon to you wherever you may be and I hope you and your families enjoy a safe and fun Halloween.

I arrived at Ron Poe Stadium in McKinney, Texas about 45 minutes ago to start my pre-game prep to get set for the Prosper Eagles as they play their second to last game of a very tough 2014 season against the McKinney Lions. There are a few notes I’ll drop on here for this game but I wanted to throw some other notes out there first.


Dallas Cowboys

Still no decision on Tony Romo and I don’t expect we’ll have one from the Dallas Cowboys until a few hours prior to their game against the Arizona Cardinals. To be honest with you, if Brandon Weeden is as good as he was against the Washington Redskins I think the Cowboys may be just fine, especially if they continue to let DeMarco Murray be the workhorse he’s been all season. Not to say the Cowboys’ backup quarterback can’t sling it around the yard because we definitely saw that he can, but I certainly don’t want to see this team go away from what has become their identity this season just become Romo won’t be able to play.

I don’t know if Joseph Randle was under the influence of alcohol or he was just plain stupid. After being arrested for theft of underwear and cologne, Randle was recorded at the local police department decided to drop the names of teammates Josh Brent and Dez Bryant. And, as you can imagine, one of those guys took exception to it and let him know about it earlier today during practice. Bryant and Randle apparently got into it verbally and even Jason Witten let Randle know his thoughts on what he said to the police during his booking process. I can’t imagine the Cowboys keep him on the team too much longer.

Going back to Romo, is there any reason the Cowboys can’t keep him out of the game against Arizona this weekend and out of their game in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars, not to mention having the bye week after that? Is going 1-1 really devastating to the Cowboys chance of winning what should be a really bad NFC East division? That way, you let your starting quarterback have three weeks off to rest his back and you should have him completely healthy, or close to it, for the home stretch. Unless, that is, the injury is a whole lot worse than we know about.


Texas Rangers

Mike Maddux is staying with the team as the pitching coach. That’s good news. Colby Lewis will test the free agent market after not being able to reach a deal with the Rangers earlier this week. That’s also good news. Yes I know he can eat up innings but you can find guys that are better at doing it than he is on the free agent market this offseason. Number one focus for this team is pitching, pitching, oh and more pitching.

Congratulations to Steve Buechele for becoming the new bench coach for the Texas Rangers, very well deserved.

Prosper Eagles

This has been a tough season for Prosper. Actually the last two years haven’t been a lot of fun for the coaching staff or the players. But, for the 2014 season at least, these kids get to come out with two games left, play their hearts out, and play for pride with something to prove and something to look forward to in 2015 especially since this program has won just five games over the last two seasons. They’ll take on the McKinney Lions tonight in what should be a pretty evenly matched game but it’s up to these players to come out with a little bit of fire like we saw in the opening minutes against Lovejoy last Friday night.

I like what I’m seeing from sophomore quarterback Easton Murrell who’s in his very first season as a varsity starter. He has gone through his share of growing pains but last week I started to see flashes of the mechanics I see in warm ups. When this kid gets his hips squared around, get that nice three step drop going, and can lock in on his receivers, his arm does the rest of the work and it’s a pretty accurate one as well. I’m looking forward to watching him over the next two years.

A senior that will make his way to college after this season is wide receiver Zack English who has put up one highlight reel play after another this season. He returned a kickoff 100 yards last Friday against Lovejoy and has made huge plays with the ball in his hands. While a lot of college coaches won’t like him as a receiver because of his height (5’8″) his speed should be enough for anyone to take notice. Hopefully we see him be able to walk on somewhere next season and make an impact enough to see him get a starting gig in the next few years. If there’s a coach out there that loves a guy who can play 100 miles an hour and with a huge heart, Zack is that guy.

I know I’m leaving out guys who have had a huge impact this season and it’s been fun for me to watch regardless of what has transpired on the field. I never thought I’d say that I’ll miss high school football but we have tonight against McKinney and next week the Eagles will close out the season against Denison so there’s still some fun to be had.

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Growing up in San Diego, CA, Todd made the move to Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in the spring of 2008. Since then, he has covered events such as the Byron Nelson Classic, the Colonial Tournament, the AT&T Cotton Bowl, numerous home games for the Texas Rangers as well as high school football around the metroplex. You can also find some of his written work in the weekly Prosper Times and monthly Prosper Magazine. He and his wife Kerri make their home in Little Elm, Texas with their daughter, Hannah, and yellow lab, Ranger. Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | More Posts

2 Comments on Kauf Drops: Halloween Night Notes

  1. Mr. Kaufman
    I have loved listening to your broadcast. Zack English is my grandson and we are so proud of him. Thank you for you’re comments about Zack, and your play by play commentary. You do a great job. We hope some college coach will recognize his potential as a team player, and his love of the game.

    • Hey Sharon, thank you so much for your response and I’m honored that you’ve enjoyed what Bryan and I bring to the broadcast each and every week. Bryan is a consummate professional and it makes bring my best effort each week.

      I’ve enjoyed watching Zack this season and I wish it wasn’t his last with the Prosper Eagles. His heart and his determination have been an incredible example of what it means to “leave it all on the field.” I wish him the best wherever he ends up and I pray his heart and his ‘never quit’ attitude land him a starting role somewhere in college football.

      Thankfully, we have one more game to enjoy. Hope the boys go out with a bang on Friday against Denison.

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