2014 MLB Winter Meetings: Texas Rangers Running Silent

If the Rangers are going to win the AL West, Derek Holland needs to step up.

As the 2014 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings approached, I had an idea of what I wanted to see the Texas Rangers accomplish and the holes they would need to fill. Not to say these few days are the only time to fill those holes, but it’s the only time where every MLB team, its front office personell, agents, and players gather at one place at one time. It’s the best time to talk to teams and agents without having to pick up the phone and try to track someone down.

However, through the first few days, the Rangers are running silent and it’s starting to frustrate some of the fans who are wondering if there will be any movement at all before everyone goes home for the weekend and for the holidays.

As it stands right now, the Rangers could use two to three starting pitchers, a piece or two in the bullpen, and a couple of offensive pieces. General manager Jon Daniels has a lot of work left to do and leaving San Diego without taking care of at least one or two of those needs would be a head scratcher. Even the San Diego Padres themselves have been more active as they acquired Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder Matt Kemp earlier this morning.

There are free agents to be had and while I won’t sit here and tell you the Rangers should start throwing money around, because we’ve seen how well that worked out for the Los Angeles Angels, I will say there are a few pieces out there that can be had without having to open up whatever vault stores the most money. And instead of just saying, “the Rangers need to do something, they need to sign someone, they need to trade for someone,” here are the free agents that I think would be worth looking into or acquiring.


Brandon McCarthy

Jake Peavy

Mat Latos (via trade from the Reds… *Marlins apparently close to acquiring him)

Paul Maholm

Tyson Ross (via trade from the Padres)

Kyle Kendrick

Gavin Floyd

Chris Capuano

Hiroki Kuroda (if he’s not already sold on going back to Japan)

*guys like James Shields, Max Scherzer and Ervin Santana won’t be on this list due to cost the Rangers won’t be willing to pay because of the contracts they already have on the books.



Francisco Rodriguez

Tyler Clippard (via trade from the Washington Nationals)

John Axford

Sean Burnett



Chris Denorfia

Ichiro Suzuki

Nick Hundley

Jay Bruce (via trade from the Reds)

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