Kauf Drops: TCU’s Chances and National Signing Day

Could TCU stood a better chance against Ohio State?

TCU Could Have…Right?

Congratulations to THE Ohio State Buckeyes for doing what most of thought was impossible, running through the top two teams in the country, Alabama Crimson Tide and the Oregon Ducks, enroute to celebrating college football’s national championship on Monday night from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The Buckeyes left absolutely no doubt that they belonged on that stage after heated debates when the first ever college football playoff was put together. While the committee made the argument worse after moving Ohio State into playoff position, and the TCU Horned Frogs out, after each had 50+ point victories over their respective opponents in the final week of the regular season. I will even admit that I thought the Buckeyes had no chance of beating Alabama or Oregon and that the national title game was already a foregone conclusion between the Crimson Tide and the Ducks.

I was wrong.

To those who said we didn’t belong, any questions? Signed, THE Ohio State.

However, even after Ohio State celebrated in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, there are arguments being made the following morning about TCU’s chances of doing exactly the same thing. There are those who are of the opinion that the Horned Frogs would have had no chance of beating Florida State let alone being able to get past Alabama or Oregon had they gotten that far. But the arguments being made against TCU sound like they are still that cute little mid-major from Fort Worth that has no place playing with the big boys instead of took apart Kansas State and threw a beating on Ole Miss from the “mighty” SEC.

I know the next thing people will say about the Horned Frogs is, “yeah but they struggled to beat Kansas.” While that might be true, TCU’s lone loss was to Baylor, a team ranked in the top 10 at season’s end, while Ohio State had a two-touchdown loss to a seven-win Virginia Tech squad and needed two overtimes to knock off Penn State, another seven-win team not to mention just two wins in the Big Ten conference. If we’re playing this little game of ours on paper, would you really tell me Ohio State deserved to be in the playoff picture?

Here’s another fact for you.

TCU was ahead of Ohio State in the polls, including the college football playoff poll, from week seven to week 15. But the biggest head scratcher of all was a 55-3 win over Iowa State wasn’t rewarded, it was, in fact, quite the opposite. It got the Horned Frogs dropped from third, and in the playoff picture, to the outside looking in at number six. The college football world couldn’t believe it. Since when did a 52-point win get you dropped three places in a college football poll?

Had Ohio State lost in the first round of the playoffs against Alabama then maybe there would have been a lot more screaming going on out in Fort Worth. However, that didn’t happen and the Buckeyes did what they were asked to do and did it in convincing fashion. When you beat the top two teams in the country you deserve college football’s respect and that’s what they’ll get from me on this Tuesday morning.

There will be plenty of debate about TCU’s chances had they remained in the playoff picture but the question we need to ask is, would they have given the Buckeyes a better game than Oregon gave them last night?

Defensively there’s no argument to be made at all (through 12 regular season games):

Points per game against – TCU (20.3) Oregon (23.25)

Rushing defense – TCU (117.08) Oregon (157.83)

Passing defense – TCU (242.41) Oregon (271.75)

Now that we know TCU would have been the better defensive match up against Ohio State, how would the Horned Frogs fare offensively (through 12 regular season games)?

Points per game – TCU (46.83) Ohio State (44.08)

Rushing offense – TCU (209.33) Ohio State (257.41)

Passing offense – TCU (332.83) Ohio State (246)

Do these numbers mean TCU would have beaten Ohio State? No. In fact, I’ll be one to tell you that I don’t think TCU stood a better chance than Oregon did at winning that game. Would they have given the Buckeyes a better game? Maybe. But no one will ever really know for sure. Congratulations to Ohio State anyway.


National Signing Day Just Another NFL Draft?

There’s a lot of excitement brewing in high school football and college football as we are ever closer to National Signing Day. It’s the day some of the biggest recruits across the country sign their Letter of Intent to the college of their choice and the fans of each college football team go nuts about how good their recruiting class for this particular year looks. But has this day become as meaningless as the NFL Draft?

There are plenty of guys fans get excited about because of the number of stars they have next to their name, but it doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to be the next big college football superstar or the next Heisman Trophy winner. Just like being the number one overall draft pick in the NFL Draft doesn’t mean you’ll be a future Hall of Famer (just as JaMarcus Russell).


Another high school job opens

Announcement came down just a few minutes ago as Mark Smith, the head coach at L.D. Bell, has announced that he is leaving his post and will become the Director of Recruiting/Offensive Analyst for the SMU Mustangs. Head Coach Chad Morris has now added two big time high school head coaches to his staff with Smith and DeSoto head coach Claude Mathis. Watch the Mustangs football program over the next two years, especially in recruiting. They could get things turned around in a real hurry which is a good thing for the SMU faithful who have been waiting a long time for a strong recruiting class to come through The Hilltop.


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