Kauf Drops: Return of One and Departure of Another

Will DeMarco Murray still be wearing the star on the helmet in 2015?

Dez Bryant Returning with a tag or long term deal?

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get a few different opinions on how Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant will return to the team when the 2015 season gets underway. Will the Cowboys franchise tag him, as suggested by Stephen Jones late Tuesday afternoon, or will the team figure out a way to make sure Bryant doesn’t see free agency for quite some time?

There’s no question the Cowboys would be in a bad way, both offensively and from a PR standpoint, if they were to let their star wide receiver even test the free agent market because there are always teams who will try to clear enough cap space to offer him more than what Dallas can offer. Bryant says he’s loyal but has given public warnings to the team not to, “test my loyalty.” The National Football League is a business and that doesn’t just mean that for the teams and those who own them, it also goes for the players who will do what’s best for them going forward. Would you blame Bryant, assuming he ever hits free agency, for taking the biggest free agent deal even if it wasn’t from the Cowboys? The team will do what’s best for them, so why shouldn’t the star wide receiver?

With all that being said, there are few who would even suggest that Bryant would be anywhere but the Dallas Cowboys for years to come, but there are enough questions out there to make this a topic of conversation among just about every sports talk radio station in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex.


How about DeMarco Murray?

This could be the biggest debate that goes on around about every water cooler there is. Is it worth it to bring DeMarco Murray back to the Cowboys on a long term deal based on one really good season? Can we safely assume that Murray will put up another season like he did in 2014? Will other teams scout him better to stop what he was able to do this past season? Will injuries take their toll and keep Murray from being healthy at all?

The upcoming NFL Draft has some talented players coming up and guys who may give the Cowboys a better, possibly cheaper, option than what they’ll have to spend on Murray.

Want options to look at for the upcoming draft? You’ve got Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon, Georgia’s Todd Gurley who’s also coming off an ACL injury which would make any team hesitant about using a high draft pick on him, Alabama’s T.J. Yeldon and Indiana’s Tevin Coleman who rushed for 2,036 yards this past season with a 7.5 yard per carry average.


Who’s back and who’s not?

Without thinking much about it, the Dallas Cowboys absolutely need Dez Bryant back in the mix. Without him, who is Tony Romo’s go to guy? Will he have to target former SMU stand out Cole Beasley or perhaps Baylor’s own Terrance Williams? They aren’t the same team without Bryant and the front office knows it. This is the biggest no-brainer this team has possibly had since signing Romo to a long term extension.

As for Murray, I think the Cowboys can get away with moving on and trying to find their heir apparent in the draft in a few months. I think their guy could be found there and could make a big impact especially with the offensive line that’s been built. If Murray could put up the kind of numbers he did this past season, what could a guy like Todd Gurley do, especially if he’s 100 percent healthy?

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