Dez, Dez and Nothing but Dez

Is there or is there not a Dez Bryant videotape? (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

The more you hear about this story and the supposed, or alleged, video that is out there showing Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice,” the more you scratch your head and wonder if there really is a video out there.

Earlier this morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport was on with Shan and RJ of 105.3 FM right here in Dallas/Ft Worth and told them about an incident report from back in 2011 from the Lancaster Police Department and an alleged incident in a Wal Mart parking lot. Whether the video we’re all waiting to see has anything to do with this particular incident we don’t know right now but even if it was, we know the security cameras won’t be able to tell us something we don’t already know. Unless the cameras are in high definition, which is highly unlikely, we’ll never be able to tell who is who and who is doing what. There won’t be a face to make out, there won’t be a license plate to see, and so what good with that really do?

Here’s the other question I would have. If this incident really did take place at this Wal Mart, and there’s proof that Dez Bryant is the one that pulled a female out of a car by her hair and dragged her to another car, why has it taken almost four years for this video to surface? Wouldn’t we have known about this pretty quick after the fact? If Wal Mart knew what they had, wouldn’t it have leaked to the media, whoever that media outlet might have been, very soon thereafter? It’s been four years, why has this been sitting on a shelf somewhere for so long?

That makes me think one of two things.

1. This tape has nothing to do with what happened at the Wal Mart parking lot especially since the rumors of said tape just started surfacing not too long ago.

2. The tape doesn’t exist and someone who used to be in Bryant’s entourage is upset and floating rumors out there that something happened but there’s no footage, or pictures, of said events.

It’s all speculation right now because we don’t know anything. TMZ can’t figure out whether their source is telling them the truth because we were told yesterday that the tape would be released, which is wasn’t, and now this morning they’re backtracking and trying to distance themselves from whatever source they had 24 hours ago.

There is one thing that has me wondering about this entire situation. Why are the Dallas Cowboys waiting so long to offer Bryant a long term extension? Why has there been no talk of such extension between the two parties? Are the Cowboys genuinely worried about a possible video tape and they don’t want to sign the wide receiver to a lucrative deal just to have this bombshell dropped on them? Do the Cowboys know more than they are letting on or are we going to see the franchise tag slapped on Bryant sometime next week and all of this speculation will be all for not?

At this point there are too many questions than answers and too much speculation about what’s really going on. It makes for great radio talk but how long can you speculate on something that has more holes in it than gun range paper target.

But for those already dismissing it as nothing might want to watch how far they go with that accusation because they’ll really look bad when or if they turn out to be wrong.


More news and notes

Last night a report came out that former Texas Ranger, turned Los Angeles [don’t call us Anaheim] Angel Josh Hamilton was in New York meeting with the top brass after apparently having a cocaine relapse. Hamilton’s father-in-law even released a statement but would only call it a “bump in the road,” and didn’t confirm anything about a drug relapse.

While I won’t pile on or say anything bad about Hamilton himself, it’s just sad to watch the wheels come off one of the more talented players in Major League Baseball. Hamilton could have been considered among the game’s greatest players, especially if you saw the kind of player he was with the Rangers, but since the incident at a local bar in Addison, Texas, he just hasn’t been the same. He was asked about expectations of himself for this coming season and responded with a .300 batting average, 30 home runs and 100 runs batted in.

After undergoing surgery and facing a possible suspension on top of that I don’t know that he’ll get close to reaching those numbers and it will only make the Angels look worse with the kind of money they signed him to as a free agent a few years ago.


Watch this kid

Aaron Fuller, a wide receiver out of Lovejoy High School in Lucas, Texas might be one of the more unknown wide receivers in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Well, at least among the more well-known schools here in the metroplex. He already has offers from SMU and Iowa and tweeted late Wednesday evening that he had been invited to Junior Day at the University of Alabama.

Why do I bring him up? Because there are wide receivers who aren’t really spoken about a whole lot around the high school football water coolers but they become a house hold name the closer signing day approaches, especially if the offers have continued to stream in.

Fuller just finished his junior season and I had a chance to watch him this past year in District 10-5A as they were an opponent of the Prosper Eagles. Fuller has incredible breakaway speed, can change direction on a dime, has great hands and terrific up the field vision. He’s one of the favorite targets of another Iowa offer in southpaw quarterback Bowman Sells.

This young wide receiver is one of those players you want to keep an eye on and someone I know Coach Morris at SMU would love to land. If Alabama is paying attention to Fuller, you better believe other schools in the SEC, as well as in the Big 12, will be watching when he starts his senior season in the fall.


Are the Texas Rangers done experimenting?

The Texas Rangers wanted to find lightning in a bottle, a diamond in the rough so to speak, so they tried moving relievers Tanner Scheppers, Robbie Ross, and Neftali Feliz into the starting rotation to see if they could land the next C.J. Wilson (without the attitude). All three of them never panned out with Scheppers spending an extended amount of time on the disabled list and Feliz undergoing Tommy John surgery that almost took him away from baseball for two full seasons.

They tried the same thing with Alexi Ogando and they almost had something there, especially with Ogando being named to the American League All Star team after a brilliant first half of the 2011 season. Unfortunately the half of a season of greatness is all they would get and Ogando never ended up being quite the superstar pitcher in the starting rotation that the Rangers thought they had.

Out of those four pitchers only two, Scheppers and Feliz, remain with the team. The Rangers traded Ross to the Boston Red Sox this past offseason and did not re-sign Ogando when his contract was up.

So, with four experiments in the failed category the Rangers tried for fifth time to find that diamond with their top prospect Jurickson Profar. While the youngster’s natural position was at shortstop, a position already filled by Elvis Andrus, the team wanted to get Profar’s bat in the lineup so they decided to try him in the outfield figuring that he could learn the position and be a solid addition to the roster.

Prior to the 2014 season, a partial tear was found in Profar’s shoulder and he was placed on the disabled list before the team ever broke camp to head into the regular season. A few months later, during his rehab, Profar would re-injure the same shoulder and was shut down for the remainder of the year.

Fast forward almost one full year and once again the Rangers have entered spring training camp. The team was doing everything right in bringing Profar along slowly, doing MRI’s every few weeks, but that still ended up doing absolutely no good. The Rangers announced earlier this week that Profar would have to undergo surgery on that same shoulder forcing him to now miss his second straight season.

Scheppers, Ross, Feliz, Ogando and now Profar. Who’s the next experiment? Possibly another player who hasn’t been able to stay healthy. There were reports that the team wanted to give Mitch Moreland an opportunity to play in the outfield which seems like a strange position for a guy with hamstring issues. They’re 0-for-their-last-five. Do they dare make it six?

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