Texas Rangers: All Aboard the Rumor Train

A deal may be made for Jurickson Profar, but not right now. (Image: Getty Images)

Late Monday evening, SBNation’s Chris Cotillo came out with a piece about the New York Mets and Texas Rangers getting together for a deal that would involve Mets’ right hander Dillon Gee. While there’s little doubt that the Rangers could use pitching depth, it’s the player that would be going to New York in return that had Ranger fans up in arms.

Before we get to all that, here’s the part where it talks about the specific deal just so you don’t take me out of context or I don’t paraphrase what was written:

“There is an expectation around baseball that Mets‘ starter Dillon Gee could be traded at some point during spring training, and some in the game believe the Rangers may make a push to acquire him, according to major-league sources. It is unclear if the sides are in active discussions about a deal for Gee, though Texas has been interested in the right-hander dating back to the Winter Meetings.”

First and foremost, Cotillo hasn’t been one of those guys who has thrown stuff at the wall just to see what sticks so treating him as such, as far as I’m concerned, is a tad off base. He’s been right quite a few times when people questioned trades just like this one.

Now here’s where I put this to rest.

The Texas Rangers aren’t trading Jurickson Profar, or any other of their top prospects, as long as Jon Daniels remains the team’s general manager. If you can’t tell already, Daniels has shown a complete unwillingness to trade any of his top minor league pieces for anyone. Profar fits into that category and unless the Rangers get Gee and three to five other REALLY good Major League players back in return, this deal isn’t happening.

The problem with trading him right now is his value which has tanked over the last three years, which will include 2014 and 2015 because by the time this season comes to and end Profar will have played a grand total of 0 games the last two seasons. A stat that doesn’t exactly put the Rangers in the position to have any leverage when negotiating any kind of deal.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard Profar’s name come up in trade talks and it won’t be the last. For this season, however, you can expect the phone to be ringing a little more, especially at the trade deadline, with teams trying to buy low on the young prospect because that’s the way his value has been trending since the 2013 season came to a close.

The Rangers should have dealt the young infielder when his value was at its highest. At this point, not only can they not get the return they could have received, but trading him at this point would be a mistake for this organization because of his age and because of the overwhelming opportunity to see his potential finally come out of hiding.

Will Jurickson Profar be traded? Maybe. But not any time soon.

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