Kauf Drops: Spring, Bragging, and an SMU Challenge

Coach Chad Morris could take SMU to new heights (AP Photo/LM Otero)

The baseball season has finally come and all of us who grew up loving the great game, that I still consider America’s pastime regardless of what the NFL pundits want to say, but let’s not get too worked up over what happens to certain hitters or pitchers especially this early on.

Hey, they call it spring ‘TRAINING’ for a reason. After three to four months away from the game, some longer due to injury, it’s only natural that guys are trying to figure themselves out again and getting their motion back the way it was three to four months prior.

For example, Texas Rangers’ pitcher Yovani Gallardo went just 1.2 innings, threw 42 pitches, and gave up four runs on six hits in his first pitching appearance in Arizona. What, you expected three innings of no-hit ball? Might want to check those expectations at the door for the next few weeks until the regular season starts.

If that kind of performance continues into the regular season then we can have a completely different conversation about whether Gallardo has something else going on with him than just being, well, really bad at the moment.

What most will tell you about spring training is the time to start taking things seriously is the last week of it before the regular season begins because that’s the time that most guys should be getting themselves into a groove and finding some sort of consistency in what they’re doing.


Let’s celebrate the past

On Sunday afternoon, which seems appropriate, Fox Sports came out with a list of 11 reasons why the Dallas Cowboys’ fan base could still brag about their beloved ‘America’s Team.’ Not that Fox Sports has to give this fan base a reason to brag but they did it anyway.

The one thing that I found interesting about this list was not one of the reasons had anything to do with the current team on the field. So often I hear people bantering with fans of other teams, or talk radio hosts debating with a caller who happens to like another team outside of the Cowboys, and the phrase I hear muttered more often than not is, “stop living in the past.”

While this list wasn’t created by anyone in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, it still brags about everything but the current product on the field. I would at least expect to see something about Dez Bryant or DeMarco Murray or even Jason Garrett but, alas, no such luck.


SMU is getting serious

If you didn’t realize what was going on at The Hilltop these days, especially after the hiring of Chad Morris as the new head coach, the SMU Mustangs football program looks far different than it did this time last year. It even feels different.

Normally, you wouldn’t see a local quarterback consider the Mustangs’ program when he has other offers from Iowa, Clemson, the Texas Longhorns and THE Ohio State University, but Lucas Lovejoy quarterback Bowman Sells is doing just that. He even admitted a few months ago that he had never thought about SMU as an option until Coach Morris was hired.

If that doesn’t tell you how much has changed in terms of perception I don’t know what will. For the time being, Coach Morris, and the rest of the SMU coaching staff, is just fine with challenging all comers and not backing down just because they might have a Longhorn or Buckeye on their shirt.

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