Recruiting: Tyler Herrick, QB, Hutto High School

Hutto QB Tyler Herrick could be picking up more than just yardage before his high school career is over (Image: Stephen Spillman for AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

It’s not often you get pointed to a high school quarterback, with stats included, and you actually have a feeling of what you’re going to see before you push play on his Hudl film.

I’ve been outspoken about wanting to do what I can to give more looks to the underrated players who are good enough to be recruited but who are being overlooked for whatever reason. There’s no exception to be made where that is concerned for Hutto High School quarterback, Tyler Herrick. There are a lot of words I could use to describe him as I was watching his film on Sunday afternoon but I’ll save those words for my scouting report, that way I don’t waste them two paragraphs in. It wouldn’t give you a reason to keep reading then, would it?

Herrick has been invited to a few junior days at North Texas as well as University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and Princeton among others and you know when you have schools like the aforementioned Princeton you know the young man has the grades to get into almost anywhere academically speaking. Herrick was also invited to the U.S. Army National Combine back in December of 2014. Not only does the Hutto quarterback have the academic skills to go where he wants, but he also has the football skills at quarterback to make a lot of schools stand up and take notice. Something that should happen during the 2015 season if he puts up the same kind of numbers he put up this past season.

Jr. Season Stats (passing): 206/297 (69.36 completion percentage), 3,176 yards, 39 TD’s, 6 INT’s

Jr. Season Stats (rushing): 167 carries, 899 yards (5.38 yards per carry), 13 TD’s

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 170

Jr Season film – Hudl


You find a lot of quarterbacks in this state who can stand in the pocket and try to find their receiver until they have no other choice but to take off with the football, but there are few who have the field vision to make the cuts up field to gain an extra yard, or ten, as well as having the awareness to slide in the open field so they don’t get their head taken off by that linebacker just licking his chops at a quarterback running right at him. You watch that quarterback make the easy throws across the field or the five and eight yards outs that seem to become routine with time. But it’s the one who can get away from pressure to buy themselves an extra few seconds and be on the same page with their wide receivers where they know to cut up the field or come back to the football, he’ll find them. It’s the smart quarterbacks you enjoy watching because there’s not much they can’t do.

Scouting Report: Herrick does a nice job reading the blitz and getting rid of the football to his check down option or feeling pressure coming from the outside and seeing the open holes in the defensive line to pick up positive yards. On the run, keeps his head up and has nice field vision to cut around defenders or know the situation to get out of bounds or slide down to avoid contact. Does a nice job staying patient in the pocket, looking through his reads, and giving his wide receivers time to get open before he makes a decision on where to go with the football. Makes quick decisions with the football, doesn’t telegraph his passes, and won’t give defenders time to react to his throws before he makes them. It gives his receivers a chance to turn up field for positive yards after the catch. Has great touch on the deep pass and can hit his receivers in stride. Not the fastest quarterback you’ll but his quick feet make it tough on defenders to adjust and make the tackle. Has quick burst from the pocket through the defensive line into the secondary, knows where the open running lanes are in front of him.

As I mentioned before, Herrick has the grades to go just about anywhere he wants to go, but with North Texas and UTSA already looking at him, don’t be surprised if you start seeing some of the bigger schools like SMU, and mid-majors like Tulsa, San Diego State, and a host of others start taking notice of the Hutto quarterback. He brings what a lot of schools look for especially his ability to scramble, get away from defenders, and buy himself some time to make a throw or cut up field and pick up positive yards. The offers will come, it’s just a matter of time and where they come from. Stay tuned to this young man.

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