Josh Hamilton Returns to Texas

Josh Hamilton will wear a different red. Texas red. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

This was a move that only the Texas Rangers were going to be able to make. This was a team, and a city, that would be the only place that made sense for Josh Hamilton to return to.

Late Friday night, news came down that the Rangers and Los Angeles Angels were deep in talks to send Josh back to the team he once played for before signing a free agent deal with the Angels a few years ago.

Say what you want about Josh coming back, and I’ve been outspoken on how against it I am, it’s the only place that makes sense for him and the only place he could come back to and feel like he’s in a safe place. As for the team itself, it’s a distraction that none of the players need. They don’t need every media member asking them about Josh after ever single game and they don’t need the focus to be shifted to one guy instead of the entire team.

All that aside, we’re just hours away from the announcement that Josh Hamilton will once again be a member of the Texas Rangers. At this point it’s assumed that he’ll be a member of the outfield core, especially since the team already has a designated hitter, but what kind of player will the team be getting? Will they be getting the guy who was a big part of the team that went to the World Series in back-to-back years or will they be getting the guy who’s a complete distraction and seems uninterested in playing baseball?

The answer to that question will mean the difference between the Rangers competing for the AL West crown and ending up in the cellar with plenty of infighting going on in the clubhouse.

For the Rangers, and their fans, everyone has to hope that it’s not the latter. There’s no question he can help the team offensively and, if he’s healthy, provides a solid outfield defense option. Only time will tell what kind of guy the Rangers are getting back and just how well it ends up working out for them.

They need help offensively, but not with this guy.

I hope I end up being wrong about this move and I hope he turns out to be the guy that once donned the Rangers’ red and came this close to a story book, World Series championship, ending.

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