Recruiting: Garrett Doiron, QB, Katy High School

Katy QB Garrett Doiron will be one prospect to watch this season. (Image: CODY DUTY/HOUSTON CHRONICLE)

While thunderstorms rattled and shook our house on Tuesday night like an average California earthquake, I ran across a young quarterback out of Katy High School and began watching his film. I got a few minutes into it and paused it so I could go look for his recruiting information to see what offers he currently held. I searched, and searched, and searched some more. What did I find?


Those of you who have followed me long enough know that when I find a player who I think is deserving of an offer, or two at least, and doesn’t have a single one it makes me scratch my head. It’s the reason I wrote about the whole “recruiting mess,” and how things might need to be re-evaluated.

So what’s the biggest problem with Garrett Doiron in terms of not getting any serious recruiting interest to this point? It’s the one thing that is held against most quarterbacks no matter how good they are. Well, unless your name is Johnny Manziel.

It’s his height. Oh, and apparently he’s not fast enough.

Excuses, I know, that weren’t used by guys like Tony Romo who was undrafted out of a school no one had ever heard of before the Dallas Cowboys signed him. It also wasn’t an excuse that New Orleans’ Saints quarterback Drew Brees (6’0″) and former San Diego Chargers and New England Patriots’ quarterback Doug Flutie used (5’9″) and both had successful Division-I and NFL careers.

As far as the mobility part of being a quarterback, is Romo known for being a running quarterback? Sure he can scramble but he’s not a guy who’s going to outrun anyone. How about Derek Carr? What about another former Boston College quarterback, Matt Ryan, who’s highest rushing total of his college career was 94 total yards his sophomore season? Oh, and by the way, Ryan’s 40-time is only .20 faster than that of Dorion (5.05).

Still want to use his height and speed as an excuse not to recruit him?


Jr. Season Stats: 116/191 (60.7 completion percentage) 1,577 yards, 23 TD, 11 INT

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 167

Jr. Season Film – Hudl


I’ve never been a full supporter of judging a player by just the stats on the page because they don’t tell the whole story. Look at the success Doiron has had as the starting quarterback of this ball club and where the team has ended up.  Doiron was held in check by a very talented Cedar Hill squad in the 2014 state title game, completing just 6-of-11 passes and just 30 total yards, in a 23-20 loss.

One game won’t tell an entire story, but watching his film tells you all you need to know about this young man going into his senior season. Putting up bigger numbers in 2015 will almost assuredly garner him more Division-I interest though it’s a complete surprise to me that the interest hasn’t already come.

Scouting Report: Despite his 40-time, Doiron shows the ability to feel the rush and pocket collapsing and has the footwork to get away from defenders and still complete the pass. Doesn’t panic under pressure and can buy himself time to find his open receivers. You don’t see many young quarterbacks who can roll out of the pocket and still square up their hips to make a throw. Shows the ability to make the short throws as well as the deep throws with accuracy. Doesn’t wait for his receivers to look at him on their route, throws it where he expects his guys to be when they’re supposed to be there. Puts the right touch on the ball whether it’s putting extra zip to get it between defenders or putting it over the top on a deep route. Shows tremendous footwork in the pocket, can allude defenders, and looks much faster on the field than his 40-tme suggests. Teams will love his ability to roll out of the pocket and still keep his eyes in order to let the play develop before making a decision where to go with the football. Very accurate passer on the run. Will take chances especially trying to thread the needle, it’s the one thing that could get him into trouble at the next level. Also not afraid to get out in front of his running back and deliver a big block.

If you take the time to watch Doiron’s film you can see the potential this young man has at quarterback. While the big time Division-I programs may not come calling because of their depth at the position, some of the smaller mid-majors would definitely love to have a passer like him, especially a guy with his arm strength, footwork, and ability. Come signing day, I expect to see the Katy quarterback deciding between more than a few offers.

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