Joey Gallo Gets His Shot at the Big Leagues

Joey Gallo should be one of the few off the trade table for the Rangers. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Joey Gallo has been the name that has been on the lips of most, if not all, Texas Rangers’ fans even before the 2015 season got underway. He’s the next big thing in this organization and has taken the top spot since Jurickson Profar was put on the disabled list and will miss his second straight season.

The moment Adrian Beltre hit the disabled list after hurting himself on a slide just a few nights ago, it was inevitable that the Rangers were going to make the phone call to Frisco to bring up the young third baseman and give him a chance to see what he could do. It’s only a temporary chance, for just the two weeks Beltre will miss, but it’s a chance none the less. A chance to show that he can hang in the big leagues, a chance to prove to himself that he has the ability to be a great player at this level, and a chance to take that with him when he’s sent back to Frisco after his stint in Arlington is over.

I know there are those who would love to see Gallo stay here even after the two weeks are up. If you’re among those are hoping for that, tell me where you’re going to get him at bats on a regular basis? It does him no good to sit on the bench and get an at bat here and there every few games. Sure, there are chances that he could spell Beltre for a game or two but the veteran third baseman isn’t going to take a whole lot of games off and especially not in consecutive fashion.

What about in the outfield? He can learn one of those positions, right?


How did that work out for Jurickson Profar? You certainly don’t want to lose Gallo for two whole seasons do you? Regardless of how young he is, you still lose a lot of progress, strength, and reaction time when you don’t get to play the game for two whole years.

Not saying Gallo is injury prone because he certainly hasn’t shown that, but why would the Rangers want to take that chance with someone who has such amazing potential in this organization? Give him two weeks worth of at bats in the big leagues, see how he handles himself, and then send him back to the minors to make sure his skills stay sharp. Do that, and you’ll get a player who’s 100 percent ready for the big leagues in a year or two.

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