Texas Rangers and the Move Not Made

Adrian Beltre was never going anywhere.

I’ve never been a fan of a team quitting before the season ever begins. I’ve never suggested the team should trade one of their best players before a season begins just because their upcoming season doesn’t look very promising.

Is that what professional sports has come to? Just waive the white flag before you ever get the chance to see what you are in the first place? Quitting before you ever make an attempt?

There were at least two articles that suggested the Rangers should see the writing on a really badly painted wall and trade the best painter they had because the rest of the painters just weren’t going to be any good anyway.

The really good painter, or in this case the really good baseball player, I’m referring to is third baseman Adrian Beltre.

That was the suggestion of this article which said at one point, “their new reality is that they are not a contender in 2015.”  It was also the suggestion of this piece that “It seems unlikely that the Rangers will be in the same class as the Angels and Mariners, and maybe not even the A’s and Astros.”

The Rangers, as it turns out, are contenders in the middle of August and at least the second piece got two out of the four right with the Mariners and A’s sitting at the bottom of the division and the surprising Astros battling it out with the Angels for the top spot.

As we sit on August 15th, the Rangers are just five games out of the division race and just two and a half games out of the second wild card spot currently held by the aforementioned Los Angeles Angels. I would call that “in contention.” Wouldn’t you?

It’s not usually my style to call out different articles for being wrong but don’t seem to see a contraction story anywhere either though I don’t know that I really expect one.

We all make predictions and we all make conjectures and more times than not both of those are wrong more than they are right. But when a suggestion is made that a team quit on a season before it gets started it’s then that I question why such a suggestion is made. Waiving the white flag and telling a team to fold in the tents before the tents ever get dusted off from the season before just sounds this side of foolish.

The Rangers were never going to entertain such an idea and there isn’t a team in Major League Baseball who was going to send the Rangers what they would have wanted to start such a conversation or to make such a deal for the Texas third baseman.

It’s never something that would be entertained by general manager Jon Daniels and it certainly wasn’t going to be something that was going to be entertained by first year manager Jeff Banister especially when he installs a mantra of “never quit.”

Can you imagine that happening? Banister comes in, tells his players to “never quit,” then watches as the front office does exactly that by trading their best player.

What a sight that would have been.

It’s ok to be wrong once in awhile. I’m wrong a lot. But I certainly wouldn’t tell a team to quit on a season that hasn’t even begun. Because that season has turned into one that could see this team sneak into the playoffs if they can just win enough games to get the second wild card spot or have the kind of September that could vault them right to the top of the division.

Once they make the playoffs, anything is possible. That is, as they say, why they play the game.

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