It’s Not Johnny Football Time in Dallas

It was a bad idea then and it's still a bad idea. Except to the Dallas Cowboys (Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys will be without Tony Romo for at least the next 10 weeks and you know the moment the injury happened on Sunday afternoon that the speculation surrounding one famous Texas quarterback would come fast and furious.

Less than 24 hours later it’s already begun.

Dan Gilles of NEO Sports Insiders came out with an article this morning stating his six reasons to trade Johnny Manziel to the Cowboys — today.

Jerry Jones loved Manziel, still does. But there’s a reason Stephen Jones talked him out of drafting the former Texas A&M quarterback during the 2013 NFL Draft. They didn’t need him. They didn’t want him.

So why would that change now?

The simple answer? It won’t.

After the performance Brandon Weeden put up after Romo exited, completing all seven of his passes and looking completely in control in the win over the Philadelphia Eagles, one would believe the Dallas Cowboys would rather let Weeden take the team from here rather than try to bring in Manziel who could be more of an off the field risk than it’s worth, especially bringing him back to Texas.

If the Dallas Cowboys are going to make a trade for a quarterback there’s one name I have in mind for them and it’s a name I railed for prior to this last draft and he’s also a local Texas product.

Bryce Petty.

If Dallas is going to go with Weeden and they’re comfortable with him, I’m ok with that. But if he starts to falter, the only guy the team has left to go with is former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. Is he the guy fans would be comfortable with because I could make an argument that without a single start in the NFL, I don’t see many people who would want to see the former Bronco under center for “America’s Team.”

So why not place a phone call to the New York Jets and see if they’re willing to let him go, especially since they have both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith on their depth chart. While some may not think that Petty has the chance, or ability, to play this season I tend to think differently than the majority.

Weeden may be able to take the reigns for the remainder of this season, at least until Romo is back, but if the Cowboys want to think long term and think beyond this season, Bryce Petty may be the perfect solution for when Tony Romo’s days under center, and days in the NFL, are over.

Manziel may not be a fit, but Petty could be just the guy they’re looking for. They passed on him during the draft, but they have a chance to reverse that and get the guy they want for the future.

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