Recruiting: Jason Shelley, QB, Frisco Lone Star High School

Frisco Lone Star QB Jason Shelley has a bright football future ahead of him (Image: Stewart F. House/Dallas Morning News)

If you take a good hard look at the recruiting that’s done by college football programs, regardless of how big or how small, you notice one thing that has run rampant through all of them.

They love the running quarterback.

I’ve had to learn the difference between college football and the NFL because where one works the other does not. College football teams love a mobile quarterback who can also make a play with his arms. The NFL is the complete opposite. The defenses, and players in them, are far faster than anything the college game faces today. The days of Michael Vick beating defenders with his legs are over.

But, for now, the running quarterback is what makes the college game so exciting and it’s what brings national championships to trophy cases across our great nation. It works. Coaches love it. It’s why a guy like Frisco Lone Star quarterback Jason Shelley would make a college program salivate over having him as their field general.

There’s not much Shelley can’t do with the football in his hands.


2014 Season Stats: 

142/230 (62% completion percentage) 2,081 yards, 21 TD’s

158 carries, 873 yards, 13 TD’s


2015 Season Stats (through week 5): 

77/119 (65% completion percentage), 1,270 yards, 15 TD’s

65 carries, 429 yards, 5 TD’s


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 174

Sophomore Season Highlights – Hudl

First 5 games of 2015 Highlights – Hudl


I try not to make comparisons between a high school player and a college or professional player but it’s almost too easy to compare Shelley to current Texas Longhorns quarterback Jerrod Heard. Sure Heard is two inches taller than Shelley but you can almost see the same guy on the field when you watch the young Frisco Lone Star quarterback on the field.

Scouting Report: Most know I’ve been more of a fan of the pocket passer than the running quarterback, what Jason Shelley shows is the ability to do both and not rely solely on his legs to make things happen. He stands in the pocket and will go through his reads, waiting until the absolute last moment to take the ball himself or he will make a quick adjustment to get around a defender while still looking down field to see if a receiver has gotten open. Love his arm, can rifle the ball into his receivers through two defenders, has the upper body and arm strength to stand flat footed and still make his throws, and has the patience and touch on the football to throw it deep and drop it right into his receivers arms, not allowing the defensive back any chance at it. When he does decide to turn on the jets, he is absolutely explosive. You don’t see a lot of quarterbacks who can run away from guys but this one can and he isn’t a straight up and down runner, he knows how to make a linebacker foolish with his footwork.

It won’t take you long to figure out why Shelley has already gotten offers from Clemson, Nebraska and from SMU as well. The interesting story behind Clemson and SMU is new Mustangs’ head coach Chad Morris is the guy who offered Shelley while he was still with the Tigers. Now the head guy at SMU, one has to wonder the Hilltop might be landing one of the best young quarterbacks in the metroplex.

Only a junior, he has a long way to go, and a lot more offers to receive, before we learn just where he’ll be taking his talents to play the next chapter of his football career. He only has three offers right now, but I can promise you he’ll have far more than that once his high school career starts to wind down.

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