City of Arlington Upset Over a Shirt

The shirt/sweatshirt you can't get at the ballpark thanks to the city of Arlington (Image: Dallas Morning News)

The Texas Rangers are the 2015 AL West Champions and every sports fan in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex is celebrating. But there’s always that one small little detail that someone always has a problem with and this situation is no exception.

When the Rangers donned their division championship shirts¬†during their post-game celebration, it didn’t take long for the City of Arlington, its city council, and some of the residents there, to fire up the complaint train over a small detail. On the shirt itself, behind the words “The West is Ours,” is the skyline of downtown Dallas.

Arlington city council member Robert Rivera¬†who, after seeing the design of the shirt, posted this on his Twitter account, “Congrats @Rangers but seriously get the shirt right! Rangers play in @CityOfArlington!”

After the celebration was over and all the players had headed home for the night, it was learned that the Texas Rangers themselves had no say in the design of the shirt and didn’t know what it was going to look like until they took the shirts out of the box. But isn’t it that way with every division, league championship, and World Series shirts that are sent to the winning team by Major League Baseball?

But that didn’t stop Councilman Rivera from trying to make his point.

He doesn’t just want the Dallas skyline to be scrubbed from the shirt, he wants a skyline of the Arlington area instead. But there’s two problems with that idea. They aren’t the “Arlington Rangers,” and the city of Arlington really doesn’t have any high rise buildings to speak of to make up a “skyline.” When Councilman Rivera was asked that specific question he responded, “skyline is combination of Six Flags coasters & tower, AT&T [Stadium], Globe Life Park, [General Motors] Plant, [University of Texas at Arlington], etc.”

Maybe we should call the city of Fort Worth to see what they think about being left out of the design?

Now I could understand possibly wanting the Globe Life Park in the design, I don’t know anyone who would have a problem with that except for the fact that it was used for the Divisional Championship shirt back in 2011. Major League Baseball isn’t known for using the same design twice.

Because of all the uproar, the Rangers themselves canceled any more orders of the shirts to be sold out of their team store at the ballpark but they remain available on the Major League Baseball website. That’s the most unfortunate part of this entire situation. It’s not about the shirts, it’s not about the city the team plays in, it’s about the team itself. But someone always has to get credit somewhere.

Isn’t it enough that the team plays in your city and fans from all over the metroplex, and the state, flock to your ballpark to the see the team 81 times per year? Shouldn’t you just be excited for the team and not care so much about a shirt that in the grand scheme of things is absolutely meaningless.

If this was a World Series shirt, I might be more understanding of Councilman Rivera’s argument. But it’s not and I’m not.

I live in the city of Arlington and it’s been a great place to live for my family so far. They should be proud to have AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Park in its city limits. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But I have a personal note to pass along to Councilman Rivera and the city of Arlington. This isn’t about you. It’s not about you being snubbed, it’s not about you not getting mentioned, and it’s not about Six Flags and the GM Plant not being considered in the design.

It’s about the team, it’s about the players who fought for 162 games to get here, it’s about the fans who have supported this team through even their terrible years, and it’s about the entire metroplex who should be encouraged by the city of Arlington to pack Globe Life Stadium in a sea of red and blue and make the ballpark the toughest place to play throughout the 2015 postseason.

Apparently it’s not about those things. And that’s unfortunate.

I feel bad for the Texas Rangers and their staff as well as for the fans who love the design and who will still flock to the Major League Baseball website to order one of their own. Because ordering a shirt, for them, is about showing your love for your team and supporting them to what could be their first World Series championship in team history.

Of all the things people had to get upset about, it had to be about a shirt. After all this, the talk about the Texas Rangers moving to Dallas might get even louder now.

It won’t come down to something small like this, but it won’t help matters either.

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