Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones Only Has Himself to Blame

Will Jerry Jones be willing to change his head coach? Or is comfortable all he needs to keep Garrett in that seat for the long run?

It’s not Jason Garrett’s fault, it’s not the fault of Tony Romo or Jason Witten or even Dez Bryant.

This is squarely on the shoulders of Jerry Jones. He created it, he makes no apologies for it, so it’s time that he take the entire blame for it.

I certainly won’t say that I’ve been a fan of Jason Garrett’s right from the start, I didn’t think he was the right guy to lead the Dallas Cowboys to anything but what they had been for more than a decade. But Jones wanted a guy he could control, he wanted a guy who could do what he was told, and he wanted a guy who couldn’t control any decision Jones made as far as player personnel or when it came to the draft.

If that’s what the owner wanted, that’s the guy he got.

And then there was Greg Hardy. The moment Jones brought him in was the moment I realized the owner of the Dallas Cowboys had turned his head coach into nothing more than a hall monitor, a babysitter who could lightly slap the hands of a player who was doing something wrong. Or do nothing at all as has been the case all season.

If this was really up to Garrett to bring players in and if it was up to Garrett to discipline the players, would Joseph Randle have really started the season with the Dallas Cowboys? Would Greg Hardy still be in a Cowboys uniform? ¬†Or is Garrett really okay with what’s transpired over the past several weeks?

He had to step in and force Hardy to change his bio on his own Twitter account when it proclaimed “innocent until proven guilty,” just days after Hardy tweeted about how sorry he was for what happened in the past.

Apparently Hardy wasn’t that sorry at all.

It appears to me like Garrett has no control over what’s happening with a team he is supposed to be in total control of. I’ve never felt sorry for him before during his tenure as the head coach but I feel sorry for him now. I’ve never seen an NFL owner make a head coach more useless and making him feel like he doesn’t really have a place with this team.

Only Jerry Jones.

While there’s no question this team would be in a very different position had Tony Romo not gotten hurt, it was Jerry Jones who didn’t draft a quarterback when most thought he should the last few years and it was Jones who didn’t draft a running back this past draft because “anyone could run through this offensive line.” Apparently that wasn’t accurate either.

But the owner won’t fire the head coach and he’ll never hire one who wants control over the decisions that the owner, and his son, are currently making for the team. This trend will continue as will the mediocrity that’s been flying around this team for years. If Jones wants a Super Bowl to finally make it’s way back to a once proud franchise then he will need to do what is right.

Until that happens, it will be more of the same for the Dallas Cowboys. Jones needs to get out of his own way and let the people who can make the right decisions, and bring in the right players, to finally make this team what it once was.

Will that day ever come?

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