Dallas Cowboys: It’s Time For a Change

Matt Cassel has taken the Cowboys nowhere, but there's no change coming (Image: Mike Stone / Getty Images)

There are those who still believe the Dallas Cowboys, at 4-9 losing nine of their last 11 games, are still in a position to make the playoffs. In fact, even Jerry Jones, the team’s naive owner, believes that to a certain degree.

It’s time to wake up. It’s over. It’s done.

But those who still believe there’s a shot at the playoffs also believe that Matt Cassel is the guy that still needs to be under center because apparently he’s the guy that still gives the Cowboys the best shot at getting there and not Kellen Moore.

Forgive me if I have a laughing fit for a few minutes.

Cassel has had five starts with the Dallas Cowboys, winning just once (Washington), has five touchdown passes, three of those came against the Philadelphia Eagles, to six interceptions and has finished with less than 100 yards passing twice (Seattle, Carolina). That’s the guy the Dallas Cowboys, and certain members of the media, thinks gives this team the best chance at a long shot playoff spot?

I understand that Kellen Moore hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL but as I heard Shan Shariff, morning host on 105.3 FM The Fan, say this morning, “what do you really have to lose?”

The answer to that is, simply, nothing. You have more to gain by seeing what Moore gives than you than what Cassell hasn’t at this point in the season. There’s no one that can say that Cassel has shown that he can get this team anywhere because, so far, the Cowboys aren’t in better position than they were when he took over for Brandon Weeden.

Sure the players will have to get used to another quarterback and another voice and new tendencies but the Cowboys are going nowhere. There’s no playoff hope, there’s no chance at a playoff spot, and there’s nothing more to play for and even if there was, Cassel is not the guy that’s going to get them there.

The arrogance of the Dallas Cowboys has gotten them to this point as has their inability to draft the positions of need because they thought they didn’t need them. The lack of preparation and lack of being ready for anything has gotten them to this position. It’s gotten them Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel and it’s also gotten them to the point of fans clamoring for Kellen Moore to be given a chance.

But it won’t happen and that makes this story that much worse.

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