Dallas Cowboys and the Johnny Manziel Psychosis

It was a bad idea then and it's still a bad idea. Except to the Dallas Cowboys (Getty Images)

When the 2014 NFL Draft came around and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel fell right into the lap of the Dallas Cowboys, they passed on him and went with offensive lineman Zack Martin instead. No doubt a need for the Cowboys at that moment but when a player like Manziel, a sure fire sales juggernaut for the ultimate salesman, falls in his lap it was a move that most people, myself included, didn’t think there was a chance Jones could pass on. They did.

They were praised for that move.

Almost two years later, and Manziel apparently on his way out of Cleveland, those praising the Cowboys for not drafting the former Aggie are now railing for the team with the star on its helmet to bring in the guy they didn’t want the team to draft.

Confused? Me too.

Jerry Jones needs to look to the future and he’s already admitted to making a mistake with the backup quarterbacks this past season as none of them were able to keep the team afloat during the absence of Tony Romo. He even admitted that maybe he should have planned it better and drafted a quarterback before now.

But with the 2016 NFL Draft just a few months away, the Cowboys have a chance to correct that mistake, to bring in the heir apparent to Romo, and the guy who will take the team into the future because that day is closer at hand than anyone wants to admit.

With the fourth pick in the draft, and Cal Bears’ quarterback Jared Goff staring them in the face, it would seem to be the smart move to bring this young man in as the backup quarterback and the future of the franchise.

That’s more than you can say for Manziel.

Why bring him to Dallas in the first place? Is it a sales move? Is it to sell more jerseys from the team store at AT&T Stadium? Is it to put more money in the pocket of the owner and make the Cowboys even more of a circus than it already is? Because if Jones really wants to win, and commit to it long term, Manziel is not the guy who’s going to do that.

There is no one that can tell me that Manziel could have won games for the Cowboys in the absence of Romo in 2015 and there’s no one that can say, without laughing, that the former Aggie quarterback, and partier extraordinaire, can be the future of the Dallas Cowboys.

So I ask again. What’s the point of bringing Manziel to Dallas?

He was given a fair shake in Cleveland, in contrast to what some believe, and the only person to blame for the Browns being done with him is Johnny himself. They named him the starter on a Sunday more than one time and each time the Browns gave it to someone else is because the young athlete couldn’t handle himself professionally off the field.

While maturity may come later in life, there are plenty of NFL players who have handled themselves just fine the moment they were drafted into the NFL. But, if your name is Johnny Manziel, and you’re from Texas, the Dallas Cowboys will give you an opportunity to prove what the rest of us already know.

Manziel isn’t anyone’s future quarterback and he certainly isn’t that in Dallas.

Jerry Jones needs to finally put business aside because it has led his team nowhere in the last 20 years. It’s time for him to stop worrying about control and worrying about credit and to bring in the people who can do what he himself hasn’t been able to do.


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