The Worst of National Signing Day

National Signing Day is the biggest day of the year for every high school athlete

Tomorrow comes a day that every high school football player in the country has looked forward to and it’s one of the memories they’ll never forget as they close out their senior year as well as their high school careers.

It’s National Signing Day.

This is a day that these players will sign their letters of intent and celebrate with family and friends. It’s a day they should enjoy, a day where they can smile and look forward to what awaits them at the next level.

But, there are those who would rather they not enjoy it because they didn’t choose their particular team. They’ll take to social media and tell an 18-year old kid that they didn’t choose well. Actually, they’ll do far worse than that but I certainly don’t you to take my word for it so I figured I’d give you a few examples.

Like this.

Or this.

Or even this.

Oh yeah, and this.

There are people who create fake Twitter accounts just so they can be as terrible as they want to be all without the consequences because it’s not their real name, or face, or identity. But that’s what social media in this world has created, the ability to be terrible to whoever and whenever and still remain anonymous.

I have no problem with people being fans of their team but caring this much about what 18-year old kid ends up with your school and tweeting them about it is crossing that line into completely stupidity.

To take it one step further, it’s an act of cowardice.

Most of these people have never gone through the process or felt the kind of stress and anxiety the player, and their family, goes through for the final few years of high school. On top of trying to focus in the classroom as well as on the football field they also have to worry about some yahoo who wants to tell them what school they should commit to and how terrible they are if they don’t choose that particular school.

This time of year brings out the crazies and brings out the worst in college football fandom. While it’s only one percent of the entire football fan base, it still makes you feel for the kids and their family because this is the last thing they need at a time like this especially just one day from a decision that will be the biggest change in their lives.

Allow them to enjoy this moment, allow them a few moments in the spotlight, and let them look back on this day as something that they will never forget. It should never be something they look back on and hate or look back on as one of the worst experiences they’ve ever gone through.

National Signing Day is hard enough with the amount of people attending, the number of cameras flashing, and the number of people who want to shake your hand. They don’t need it to be any harder by looking at their social media accounts and getting flooded by people who would rather tear them down than build them up.

It isn’t what this day is about.

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