Kauf Drops: Tis the Season to be Traded

Could Will Myers and Fernando Rodney be options for the Texas Rangers at the trade deadline? (Image: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

With just over a month to go before Major League Baseball’s trade deadline it’s time to give some thoughts on where the Texas will, or should, go with their trades including a few names to keep an eye on.


Players possibly on their way out of Texas

Derek Holland – The Texas Rangers have seen all they’ve needed to see from Derek Holland which leads me to believe he might be the first to pitched to another team in a trade before the deadline. His inconsistencies are too much for this rotation to deal with and with the need for a better starter in this rotation, and depth on the bench, Texas should look at sending Holland to a team in a more pitcher friendly ballpark. Say….San Diego?

Joey Gallo – There’s no question Gallo has the ability, not to mention power, to be in the big leagues but in a move that left everyone scratching their head and searching for a reason Gallo was benched in the middle of a game just this past week. Some thought a trade was coming but during an interview with Rangers’ general manager Jon Daniels, he told 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas that it was a decision made by Gallo’s manager in order to get the point across. Apparently there have been some attitude issues which makes me wonder if his attitude issues would carry into the big leagues. It’s not something Rangers need in the clubhouse and, on top of that, with Adrian Beltre locked up for two more years, there really isn’t an open position for Gallo to slide into. So with his value still in a good position, Texas should look into seeing what the return on him would be especially if he’s packaged in a deal with another player or two.

Prince Fielder – This is a hard decision for me to put Fielder on this list but he hasn’t been the guy he once was since coming to Texas and his power is almost non-existent. This should be an easier call but you always have the feeling that Fielder will come around and that he’s going to be a guy that will step up big for this team down the stretch. That certainly wasn’t the case during the playoffs last year and I don’t know that it’s going to be the case this season. Texas won’t be able to get rid of his deal entirely but I would hope they could find a team willing to pick up a lot of it, freeing up money for the Rangers to have to take on salary at the deadline.

Mitch Moreland – This is another hard one for me to put on this list but with little to no chance of Moreland returning to this team past the 2016 season there’s no reason Texas shouldn’t look into trading him at the deadline especially when it frees up a spot in the infield for Jurickson Profar to play every day. Mitch certainly has the power to change a game and his swing has been coming around of late, but will it last the remainder of the season? Most of us would doubt it and you may as well get what you can for him now because it’s better than letting him walk away for nothing during free agency.


Players the Rangers could get interested in

Wil Myers (1B – San Diego Padres) – If the Rangers’ plans for Jurickson Profar don’t include him playing first base every day then a guy like Wil Myers makes a lot of sense and someone who doesn’t add on a lot of salary for Texas, only on a one year deal for just over $500k.

Drew Pomeranz (LHP – San Diego Padres) – The Texas Rangers definitely need more depth in their starting rotation and could use another lefty especially if Derek Holland is traded. Pomeranz’s name has made the rounds on the rumor boards more than a few times this season so his name could be of interest to several teams around baseball. Including Texas.

Zack Duke (LHP – Chicago White Sox) – Duke is a left-hander who used to be one of the top young pitchers when he was a starter for the Pittsburgh Pirates back in the day but the White Sox have turned Duke into a reliever and he’s been a good one so far this season. The Rangers could use another solid arm in their bullpen and Duke could fit right into the kind of guy they’re looking for, especially from the left side of the mound. He’s owed another $2.5 million for the remainder of this season and $5.5 million for the 2017 season.

Chris Sale (LHP – Chicago White Sox) – This might be the biggest long shot of the year but I’m willing to bet the Rangers will at least kick the tires on acquiring the left-hander starter. The biggest obstacle could be what kind of money Texas could afford to take on seeing as Sale is owed $24.5 million over the 2017 and 2018 seasons as well as a $13.5 million club option for the 2019 season.

Kurt Suzuki (C – Minnesota Twins) – This is a guy I’ve had on my free agent and trade list more than a few times because of the type of veteran presence and consistency he brings to not only the position but also on the offensive end. Robinson Chirinos is hitting below .200 and before a two-hit night against the Boston Red Sox, Bobby Wilson had gone hitless in his 13 at bats before that. If you add a guy like Suzuki to your depth chart, along with Wilson, it immediately makes you stronger at that position.

Francisco Rodriguez (RHP – Detroit Tigers) – Another guy who has been on my list plenty of times before makes another appearance because he continues to get it done out of the bullpen no matter where he ends up. He currently holds 20 saves for the Tigers this season and with the experience he has around the big leagues would be the perfect addition to the Rangers’ bullpen especially with as much work as these guys are getting. He won’t slide into the closer role, a role held now by Sam Dyson, but he’s a guy who can get the job done when he’s called upon and it’s something Rangers need down the stretch.

Jonathan Lucroy (C – Milwaukee Brewers) – Lucroy has come up any number of times and was just tied to the Texas Rangers by CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman in a deal that would send Joey Gallo, a name I threw out earlier as a guy who could be on his way out, to the Brewers in return. Not sure that’s a deal the Brewers would make and if Texas really thinks Gallo is the first baseman of the future, though I personally doubt that, then Gallo isn’t going anywhere. Still, Lucroy definitely brings you an upgrade at the catcher position so keep an eye on this one.

Fernando Rodney (RHP – San Diego Padres) – This is a name that has started to make the rumor rounds over the last couple of weeks especially knowing that the Padres will be sellers and the kind of year Rodney is having. It’s not a name I’m all that interested in but he’s a guy to keep your eye on especially the experience he holds through his career as a late innings reliever.

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