Kauf Drops: The Mirage is a Little Further North

It's time for Dirk to go chase that second ring....somewhere else (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

The Texas Rangers handed the game to their bullpen and came out with a loss. What should have been a game where this Texas team was celebrating yet another win over the pinstripes of the New York Yankees ended with what could very well be their worst loss of the season.

But they aren’t the biggest mirage in this town.

That mirage is a little further to the north…

I was on my way home from work Wednesday afternoon and I had my radio tuned to 96.7 FM, the home of The Ticket, and was listening to The Hardline’s Corby Davidson talk about an email their show had received. That email was a request for them to head north to Frisco and tour the new facilities being built by the Dallas Cowboys that they will name, “The Star.”

At first I wondered why Davidson wouldn’t want to tour this brand new facility because it was supposed to be this spectacular new thing that Jones could show off to his fan base and media alike. But the more Davidson got into his point the more sense he made and I couldn’t agree with him more.

There’s little question that Jones is, by far, the best salesman in the National Football League and it could be argued that he’s the best in all of sports. But was this new gem really necessary? Davidson made the point that this should be about football and not another new building just a few years after AT&T Stadium opened its doors in Arlington, Texas, just down the street from where the Texas Rangers currently call home.

He’s right.

As Davidson continued to rail about what was being built up in Frisco, Texas, my mind made a parallel between what Jerry Jones is building and what a magician does in terms of the “slight of hand” tricks.

What I mean by that is Jones is building this great new facility that he can show off to the entire Cowboy fan base so he can say, “look at this new building, the new facilities, the new shops, the new sponsors, and the shiny new Omni Hotel that will be Cowboy-centric.” Meanwhile, while everyone is looking at this shiny new thing that Jones is holding in his right hand they fail to see that the left hand is the Dallas Cowboys team itself who has had little to no post-season success in 20 years.

“This should be about football,” Davidson exclaimed. He’s right. While Jones builds something awesome, his team is anything but. While he shows off his shiny new buildings, the team that plays on the field has turned dull and dis-colored.

We can’t prove that Jones cares more about the brand and the new buildings and facilities more than the team itself, one can’t help but notice that more people marvel at something on the outside than they do with the team itself.

It should be about football. But, lately, it really hasn’t been.


Is it time for Dirk and the Mavericks to part ways…

I know I’m not the only one saying it and there are those who will think it’s easy for me to write this as an outsider looking in. Well, you would be right, but this outsider doesn’t have a dog in the fight and cares little about the loyalty one holds for the other.

The Dallas Mavericks aren’t going to contend for anything meaningful and may not even make the playoffs. So it begs the question, why aren’t the Mavericks, or Dirk himself, willing to part ways.

Nowitzki has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuilding process but is there anyone who thinks the Mavericks aren’t exactly that at this point after missing out on the top free agents of the 2016 class? Again?

So if they are going to rebuild, why not sit down with Dirk, shake his hand, thank him for everything he’s done, and wish him well? Isn’t it time to do what’s best for the franchise long term instead of doing what’s best for one particular player who won’t help you get anywhere in his final two years in the NBA?

I get loyalty, and it has its place, but not here. Not now. The Mavericks have certainly put themselves in this situation with their lack of ability to draft and bone headed decisions by owner Mark Cuban giving away first round draft picks for guys who ended up not caring at all about what the Mavericks wanted to accomplish. It isn’t Dirk’s fault, he’s a big reason why this team can still talk about that championship run back in 2011, but let’s not live in the past.

Let’s live in the here and now. And the here and now tells us it’s time to move on.

If the two sides really want to do one more thing for each other could there possibly be a way to negotiate a sign and trade? Could Cuban allow Dirk to decide where he wants to go and figure out if there can be a trade worked out so at least both sides get something out of the deal?

Look at how far down the Los Angeles Lakers have fallen because of their loyalty to Kobe Bryant. He single handedly crushed that franchise and brought it to a new low to where no one wants to play there even after Bryant’s days are long gone. While Dirk is no Kobe Bryant in terms of selfishness and attitude, it’s the same situation now for the Dallas Mavericks.

It would be a tough thing to watch Dirk walk out of the building of the American Airlines Center, and out of Dallas altogether, to play his final two years somewhere else but keeping him here in Dallas does this franchise no good.

It’s time for Cuban to admit defeat and do what’s best for this franchise. Without Dirk.

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