TXHSFB: Frisco Lone Star vs Frisco Wakeland

Frisco Lone Star and Frisco Wakeland face off at the Ford Center in Frisco, TX

1st Half Thoughts:

Frisco Lone Star has a lot of weapons on offense starting with quarterback Jason Shelley, committed to the University Utah, along with another Utah commit in running back Jaylen Dixon and wide receiver Coby Shelton who’s also starting to receive a lot of recruiting interest from schools across the country.

But with those weapons in place, you would think Lone Star would have at least a three score lead on Frisco Wakeland by the end of the first half. If you’re thinking that you’d be wrong. Wakeland has really stepped up the defense and hasn’t given up a lot of big plays to those weapons, only giving seven points midway through the first half.

Wakeland’s defense has really stepped up in the first half but if they’re going to have any chance at beating this talented Lone Star squad their offense is going to have to put together a couple of solid drives and put points on the board. If for no other reason than to give their defense a break.

One big play for the Wakeland defense was the interception by junior defensive back Parker Wesley. Lone Star quarterback Jason Shelley was trying to hit Jaylen Dixon coming across from left to right but threw it a little bit behind him. The ball went through Dixon’s hands and Wesley had the quick hands to grab it before it hit the ground for an interception in the end zone. Heads up play and a big stop for Wakeland when Lone Star was knocking on the door of a two-score lead before halftime.

They were able to turn that interception into a 80-yard drive to pull Wakeland to within three, capping it off with a touchdown pass from senior quarterback Cooper Chandler to wide receiver Nick Cryer. It’s 10-7 with 3:27 left 1st half.

That didn’t last, Lone Star went right back down the field and Shelley capped it off with a 2-yard run for a TD to put the Rangers back on top 17-7 with 1:27 left in the first half.

Not to be outdone, here comes Wakeland again. Cooper Chandler makes two big passes, a 15-yard first down run, and then after once nice touch pass to pick up another first down, he throws another nice ball to Easton Reeves, it’s 17-14 Lone Star with 22 seconds left until halftime.

Really impressed with Cooper Chandler in those two drives. He’s starting to find a groove and the passes coming out of his hand have a really nice touch on them. He could have easily overthrown that last touchdown pass as open as his receiver, Eason Reeves, was but he put that ball right on the money over Reeves’ shoulder for the touchdown. This is going to be a good game in the second half.


2nd Half Thoughts

First drive for Lone Star was all Jason Shelley and a big 25 yard pass to Jaylen Dixon to get them inside of the red zone. Shelley capped it off with a one-yard run for the touchdown, the Rangers lead Wakeland 24-14 with 8:29 left 3rd quarter.

And just how the first half ended, Wakeland gets the ball back and goes right down the field. A big pass play from Cooper Chandler to Nick Cryer takes it to the Lone Star 28-yard line and then Chandler with a pretty pass to Tre Adams for the touchdown. It’s 24-21 Rangers with 7:18 left in the 3rd quarter.

Shelley can’t win this game on his own legs no matter how talented this young man is, and he is incredibly talented. But he won’t beat Wakeland by himself.

Wakeland is absolutely FEELING IT right now. A play of the game type catch from Louis Blount, laying out to make a catch, and then Tre Adams goes up and takes one away from the Lone Star defensive back, and to top that off Nick Cryer makes another big time catch for another Wakeland touchdown. Just like that, we have a new leader in this one. The Wolverines take a 28-24 lead with 3:28 left 3rd quarter.

Methodical drive from Lone Star, a few runs here, a few passes there, and capped off by Jason Shelley taking it from three yards out. The Rangers right back on top of Wakeland 31-28 with 25 seconds left in the third quarter. I was surprised to not see Lone Star throw a jump ball to Coby Shelton on the outside especially with his ability to go get the football.

Wakeland will just not go away in this game. Every time Lone Star comes up with a big drive and a score, the Wolverine offense seems to come right back with a big drive of their own and they are doing that one more time here in the fourth quarter.

This has been an impressive performance from Wakeland senior QB Cooper Chandler, he leads another big time drive for the Wolverines with his arm and caps it with a 15 yard strike over the middle to Louis Blount. Wakeland back in front 35-31 with 9:26 left in the game.

That might have been the play of the game. Wakeland stops Lone Star on 4th down and three and they get the ball back with just over 8 minutes left to go in the game.

The Wolverines using this drive to keep the ball on the ground and run that clock down as far as they can. If they put another score on the board I think this game might be over.

Wakeland knocking on the door of putting this game away until Lone Star defensive back Dante Williams came up with a huge interception. Cooper Chandler tried to throw across his body, a big no no for a quarterback, and paid the price.

The Rangers might have a game winning drive in them or the Wakeland defense might step up for one more big stop.

Wakeland looked to have this game on ice after an interception from senior defensive back Alex Lazar, who was already having a tremendous game, but it was called back on an offside call. You had a feeling that would change the game and it did.

One play later, Jason Shelley finds Coby Shelton over the middle and Shelton wouldn’t be caught. The Rangers have the lead again 38-35 with 3:49 left in the game.

How this game has changed in just a few short minutes. Cooper Chandler intercepted by Lone Star defensive back Nick Kitchens and it looks like the Rangers are going to sneak out of this game with a win.

A final here from the Ford Center in Frisco, Texas. The Lone Star Rangers survive a big time game against Frisco Wakeland.

Final score 38-35.

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