Kauf Drops: Rangers, Recruiting, and Romo

Tony Romo has been doing more watching than playing lately. But will he be watching next season, or even be a Cowboy?

The Winter Meetings are upon us and the baseball world is about to convene in one place for a few days to see if deals can’t be struck. It’s the one time, for those of us who love the rumors sheets, check the latest ‘Trot Coffey’ report coming from the great Jamey Newberg or type in the website for MLB Trade Rumors more than a dozen times a day just to see if Texas is interested in this player or that.

Chris Sale, Edwin Encarnacion, and who else?

Chris Sale is off the Rangers radar, thankfully, after Texas decided not to give up everything they had just to land one guy (congrats to the Red Sox for doing just that). Especially since the future for this team remains bright and a future that includes some of the top young talent out there. I’m glad Jon Daniels saw fit not to give up those guys for a pitcher who might be on the other side of his prime.

As far as Edwin Encarnacion he seems like a logical fit for Texas especially after Carlos Beltran was signed away by the Houston Astros on a one-year deal worth $16 million. Not the kind of money I would have spent for a 40-year old guy who will be more of a DH than outfielder. You have to wonder how he’s going to fit in the clubhouse with a guy like Rougned Odor who wasn’t exactly friendly with the Blue Jay players, more like enemy number one.

If Encarnacion is in the plans, and it makes sense to add him to the middle of this lineup, this team still needs help with the starting rotation as well as the bullpen and there are plenty of names out there to choose from who won’t break this team’s budget.

Starters: Jake Peavy, Edwin Jackson, Jarrod Parker, Clayton Richard, Bud Norris

Relievers: Clayton Richard (gives you a lefty who can start as well as come out of the bullpen if needed), Francisco Rodriguez (Tigers are willing to trade him, still has great stuff), Seth Maness, Koji Uehara (yeah he’s 42 but he can still bring it), Fernando Salas.


Recruiting and HIS side of the story

For those of you who follow high school recruiting, along with some of the top names in Dallas/Fort Worth, you would have seen this story that came out just before Thanksgiving.

Wylie East running back Eno Benjamin had been a commit to the University of Iowa for some time until that changed at the end of October. After that more de-commits followed, including highly touted Justin Northwest wide receiver Gavin Holmes, and Benjamin was blamed for these recruits deciding to open up their recruitment and receive more offers.

Rumors flew that Benjamin was taking visits with other schools during his commitment without telling the Iowa coaching staff as reported by Rob Howe of Hawkeye Nation who spoke about it on KXNO about a month ago.

Then, just before Thanksgiving, Benjamin decided that it was time to tell his side of the story and, if his side of the story is true, it looks really bad for Iowa.

This story isn’t going to go away any time soon but it’ll be interesting to hear Iowa’s side of the story, if they decide to speak on the record about it, after signing day this coming February.


An interesting offseason for the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of possibly their best regular season in team history but it might be their offseason that holds the most intrigue. Especially when it centers around starter, turned backup, Tony Romo and where his next home will be.

There are those who don’t believe Romo should be traded and is the best option as a backup quarterback for the Cowboys. However, if you’re Romo, do you want to sit behind a 2nd year quarterback watching him take your job and run with it? Or would you rather be able to go to another team and get back on the field to prove you still have something left in the tank?

I think it’s the latter and I think it’s time for Jerry Jones to do the right thing and find a trade partner for Number 9.



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