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Lovejoy's Carson Collins is just one player to keep your eye on in 2017 and beyond.

We’ll be doing this throughout the offseason and into the 2017 Texas high school football season. Any player we like will end up here along with a link to their film, their height and weight, school they attend and a little bit of a scouting break down of what we see from them.

They don’t need stars next to their names and they don’t need to be the next big thing, we leave that to the other groups.

Let’s kick things off by heading out to Lucas, Texas.

Carson Collins, QB, Lovejoy HS

Year: 2019

Height: 6’1″   Weight: 190

Film: http://www.hudl.com/video/3/5260422/581f55bc90f99307888bb508

Scouting Report: I’m always a sucker for a southpaw whether it be a crafty lefty on the pitcher’s mound or a lefty throwing from the quarterback and Collins fits the latter.

For only a sophomore this young man shows a lot of potential to be the next big star especially when he had to fill the shoes of former Lovejoy quarterback, turned Houston Cougar, Bowman Sells. How did the young Collins fair? How about throwing for 2394 yards and 22 touchdowns while being named the 2016 Newcomer of the Year and district 15-5A MVP. Not a bad opening act.

One of the things I notice most about Collins is his arm strength, so much so that it almost looks effortless. His footwork is really good for a sophomore and has really nice touch on his passes, always giving his receivers a chance to make a play on the ball. He stands in the pocket and will keep his eyes downfield to find his receivers but even when he’s flushed out of the pocket he continues to keep his eyes up and doesn’t just look to run.

Keep an eye on this young man, he’s going to be a fun player to watch the next couple of years and will get plenty of college attention.


Our second stop is in the southern part of the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, Duncanville.

Karien Howard, QB, Duncanville HS

Year: 2019

Height: 5’9″  Weight: 152

Film: http://www.hudl.com/video/3/6029250/57ca0cd8688ec568f07b760a

Scouting Report: Some might call this sophomore quarterback undersized but that’s a label that seems to only fit the players who really can’t play the position at that particular height.

Karien Howard isn’t one of those players. In fact, I would say he plays bigger than his size. He’s got a really good arm and ability to not only put zip on the short passes but has the ability to make accurate throws over 25 yards, something you don’t normally see in a quarterback his size. His ability to be a dual-threat quarterback led him to throw for 15 TD’s and add 8 more on the ground.

I won’t say he’s a young man who shouldn’t be slept on because it’s one of terms I hate the most. But he’s a young man who definitely deserves some eyes to watch what he does over the next few years.


Let’s head southeast of Duncanville to Kemp, Texas.

Boomer Irvin, OLB, Kemp HS

Year: 2019

Height: 6’2″  Weight: 178

Film: http://www.hudl.com/video/3/6906525/581382e3bd75211faca80b82

Scouting Report: I’m not always just about the quarterback even though I used to be one growing up so it’s the position I seem to know the most about.

With that being said, when I see a linebacker that I like, I’m going to point him out much like I did with Prosper’s Justin Benvie. Boomer Irvin out of Kemp is a young man that caught my attention as well. Doesn’t look like the biggest guy on film but his film should speak for itself.

Keeps himself in plays and around the ball and will make a play. He may not be the quickest player but the one thing that sticks out to me is his ability to not be caught out of position. Even though he might get caught up in a block, he never takes his eyes off the play in front of him and makes sure he can go one way or the other to try to make a play.

Oh, and one more thing, when he wraps up it’s automatic. There’s no getting away from it. Good player, keep your eye on this kid.


More to come, there’s a long way to go in this class so we’ll be posting more players as the 2017 calendar year goes along. A lot of good players around this great state of Texas and we’ve only scratched the surface on the ones we think you might be seeing past their high school years.

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