Scouting: Hard Hitting and Playing in the Slot

St Pius' Rick Lester might be one of the hardest hitters you'll find in Texas high school football.

I’ve added two more players to the list that we’ve been talking about and these two are just as talented if not more so and one might remind you of a former NFL free safety who was one of the hardest hitters we’ve seen in quite some time.

Let’s get started and head down to St. Pius X High School down in Houston where you’ll find 6’3″ 180 pound junior free safety Rick Lester. From the very first play on his film¬†you can tell just what kind of physical player this young man is. And in the second play, when it pauses to circle Lester, you almost want to scream out “watch out” to the wide receiver that has his eyes on the ball and not on the freight train that is about to run straight through him.

Lester is one of those players any college coach would watch and salivate over because that’s the kind of physical player they would want to have in their defensive secondary. He finished with 141 tackles, 6 interceptions and that hard hits of his were the biggest reason for his 6 forced fumbles during his junior season.

Heading back up to the northeast and make a stop at Rockwall Heath High School where we find junior running back Jordan Kempf.

When I watch a running back there a few things that I notice and want to see from a player in that position. I want to see what kind of speed he has carrying the football, if he’s a physical player that can take a hit, and can he be a receiver out of the backfield is he’s called upon.

The answers to all three of those questions where this young man is concerned is a resounding ‘yes,’ especially to the latter of those questions.

Kempf (5’11” 185) has really good speed, he’s a physical player that can be hard to bring down but what really jumps out at me is his ability to beat the defender out of the backfield and be a guy a quarterback can count on when his number is called as receiver. It makes me wonder if he wouldn’t be a really good fit as a slot receiver at the next level.

That might be something to watch during his senior season to see if Rockwall Heath gives him a few plays from the position to give college coaches a look at him from that position. Even if they don’t, this is a player that could really be a good fit at the position when his football career in high school ends and his college one begins.

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