Kauf Drops: Unwilling to Change

Will Jerry Jones be willing to change his head coach? Or is comfortable all he needs to keep Garrett in that seat for the long run?

Unwilling in Arlington…

It’s been four years since Nolan Ryan walked out of the Ballpark at Arlington and the Texas Rangers have felt the empty space ever since.

There are those that talk about what has happened to this organization since the team decided to go in a different direction and then there are those who want no part of that argument and will tell you that Ryan had nothing to do with this team’s trips to the World Series in back-to-back seasons.

But it’s not the willingness to change that has this organization stuck in the mud, getting run out of the first round of the playoffs, if they make it there at all, it’s their unwillingness to change that has caused the problems that plagued the roster.

Let’s start with a two-year extension for Adrian Beltre who has long passed his prime and continues to be hampered with injuries.

How about the eight-year extension the Rangers signed with Elvis Andrus back in 2013? A move that had me scratching my head mostly because it was a contract given to a player who was never going to lead the team in any major category. Andrus was coming off a strong 2012 season and it was time that the Rangers make a move to trade him.

They didn’t and Andrus struggled through the next three seasons hitting .271, .263, and .258 before turning it back around in 2016 and having another strong year in 2017.

Then we mention the six-year $49.5 million extension the Rangers signed Rougned Odor to this past offseason. After a 33 home run season where Odor hit .271, he followed that up with another 30 home run season but was lucky just to hit over .200 (.204). While one year certainly doesn’t tell us whether he’s worth that kind of money, the chatter about moving Odor, along with is contract, should tell you that perhaps this organization is regretting that extension.

At some point, the manager can’t take the fall and the players can’t exactly be responsible for where this team ends up. It falls on the general manager, especially when he doesn’t address the bullpen that became one of the biggest problems for the Rangers in 2017.

Is Daniels untouchable? Or will the manager of this club continue to take the fall season after season?

Unwilling Cowboys…

In all my years of watching college football, as well as professional, and seeing how many teams change their head coaches after the lack of success, it makes me wonder why the Dallas Cowboys have continued to stay with the game guy.

In seven (full) seasons as the head coach of the Cowboys, Jason Garrett has just two winning seasons (2014, 2016) and so far the boys with the star on their helmets are 4-3 and, with the looming suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliot, the team could be in real trouble if you believe what the pundits would have you believe.

Take this season away and Garrett holds a coaching record of 57-44 and has been given far more time at the helm than that of his predecessor, Wade Phillips, who was fired mid-way through the 2010 season after losing seven of their first eight games. Prior to that year, Phillips was coming off three straight winning seasons with playoff appearances in two of those three years.

Those two winning seasons may be holding Garrett up. Or maybe it’s that Jones like someone who doesn’t ask for complete control of football decisions as other top notch coaches have when there’s been a vacancy in the job.

But what happens if the Cowboys miss the playoffs this year and then perhaps next? What happens if Garrett, and the Cowboys, finish those seasons just over the .500 mark? Does Garrett still remain the head coach? Does Jerry Jones keep the guy he’s comfortable with? Or do fans, and media alike, force him to make the change that he seems unwilling to make?

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