Kauf Drops: A Conversation About Opinions and Professionalism

Shan Shariff has the Dallas Cowboys fan base all fired up. Including one particular media member.

Everyone wants to talk about the 70 second question and lack of answer session that was held between the Dallas Cowboys’ media and Cowboys’ running back Zeke Elliott. It was a session where Elliott was throws softballs and instead of trying to at least take a half hearted swing at the pitches he was thrown and have a little fun with it, Elliott decided to watch each of the pitches go right by and not be interested in taking part in the at bat.

But that’s not what everyone is fired up about.

It’s the opinion of Shan Shariff, one half of the ‘Shan and RJ’ morning show on 105.3 FM The Fan, who went at Elliott for his lack of participation and electing to not answer questions that couldn’t have been easier to answer.

He wasn’t asked about his suspension. He wasn’t asked about the legal stuff surrounding the allegations that were levied upon him before this season ever began.

He was asked about his conditioning, the documentary that he had been filming over the last six weeks, and what he’s been doing during that same amount of time.

He wouldn’t answer any of them and eventually shut down the questioning.

Shariff’s opinion of it was strong and, if you’re asking me, wasn’t far off base.

Shan is entitled, no pun intended, to his opinion. This is what we hear on sports radio each and every day and it’s what radio, and television, is all about. They talk about sports and they give their opinion on whatever is going on whether you want to hear it or not.

You can dislike him for his opinion but the reaction from a lot of Dallas Cowboys fan has been far crazier than I could ever imagine. But that’s not really where I wanted to go with this conversation.

Has this fan base truly bought into the notion that the media is only supposed to say positive things about the Dallas Cowboys? Do they really think that it’s all sunshine and roses around The Star or AT&T Stadium? Do you not expect every radio, or print media, guy to tell the truth about what they see during games or react with honesty?

Have we also lost the ability to debate or have a conversation to try to understand someone else’s viewpoint? I think that’s the one thing that makes me scratch my head the most.

Apparently DallasCowboys.com’s Mickey Spagnola certainly has because during an appearance on the Shan & RJ Show on Thursday morning, Spagnola blasted Shariff as well as the media members who asked the questions of Elliott. One of those questions came from NFL Network’s Jane Slater who took exception to what Spagnola said and had this to say about it:

Shariff wasn’t wrong. He wasn’t being a “shock jock” just to get a reaction. If you know the guy and the kind of professionalism he brings to the job you would understand where the opinion comes from. He also has not backed down from anyone whether it be on social media or through the morning show as he and Choppy took phone calls from fans who wanted their opportunity to speak their opposition.

Spagnola, however, is yet to respond to anyone after this morning.

There was actually someone on Twitter who threatened to fight Shariff in the parking lot of the CBS Radio building in downtown Dallas because he didn’t like the opinion. Seriously? Because that’s the most mature way to handle an opinion you don’t agree with.

And people wonder why I hate the NFL….but I digress.

If you’re expecting every radio show to put together a lineup of guys who are going to lie to you and tell you only what you want to hear about your favorite team then you might need to find some music stations that you would rather listen to instead.

I could say plenty about the Dallas Cowboys and the changes they refuse to make in order to right the ship that continues to be afloat in the middle of the NFL ocean. The engine that it’s trying to run on just kind of sputters along for a little bit, dies every so often, and then decides to sputter a little more.

There will come a time where Jerry Jones, or Stephen Jones, will come to realize that putting the right head coach in place is the only way that engine will ever run on full strength. But apparently they like the Jason Garrett engine just fine for now.

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