Decision on Tony Romo Still Up in the Air

Yesterday afternoon, a report surfaced from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Dallas Cowboys had shut down their quarterback, Tony Romo, for the remainder of the season with what was being called a “herniated disk” in his back.

However, when head coach Jason Garrett arrived for his daily press conference, he would not confirm the report nor did he say Romo would not be ready to go for Sunday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles. A game that will decide who wins the NFC East and continues their season into the playoffs.

Now, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is making some feel as if Romo will play on Sunday come hell or high water, “Tony will play with all the pain you want to deal him, but his doctor has to clear him,” Jones said this morning during his weekly visit with 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas, Texas. “If treatment has the positive implications that it certainly has the chance to have, he should not be ruled out in any way.”

So what does this mean for the Dallas Cowboys and their game against the Eagles? Do Garrett and Jones really believe in playing a game of poker against a team most believe is going to run over them anyway and is it really best for them to run Romo out there for no other reason than they don’t trust backup quarterback Kyle Orton in this type of game and situation? To take it one step further, aren’t we looking at another RGIII scenario, playing an already injured quarterback with the risk of doing further, possibly irreversible, damage?

What is really best for this team going forward? Even if they beat the Eagles on Sunday, which is highly unlikely even if Tony Romo was healthy, how many really believe this Cowboys team, with all of their flaws, their lack of a running game, and worse than lackluster defense, will make any sort of a run in the postseason? After getting blown out in Chicago, absolutely giving away the game against the Green Bay Packers, and one play from giving away the game against the Washington Redskins this past weekend, is there anything that makes you believe this Cowboys team can be any better than what we’ve seen the last few weeks?

Jones and Garrett aren’t fooling anyone, especially the Eagles. They’ll wait for the doctor’s recommendation, but, at the end of the day, the Dallas Cowboys, their coaching staff, and their owner, will do what they feel gives them the best chance to win.

Only question left to ask is, at what cost?

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