Kauf Drops: Aces, Commits, and Exes

Yu Darvish will need some help in the starting rotation in 2015 (R. Yeatts/Getty Images)

Yu Darvish is an ace! Come on MLB Network!

MLB Network Radio decided they were going to talk about the list of pitchers who were either “aces” or close to it. Wouldn’t you know they left Texas Rangers’ number one starter, Yu Darvish, off the list and it created a firestorm of response from Ranger fans.

It made me laugh because I didn’t realize a certain radio network was the be all end all opinion on pitchers. Sure, we might disagree with their opinion but let’s not forget this entire discussion took place when play-by-play man, and soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee, Eric Nadel called out Darvish during one of his outings this past season. It’s certainly not the first time we’ll talk about it and it’s not the last time it’ll be brought up.

Does Darvish actually care what people think or what they call him? Probably not. Do fans care? You better believe it. Darvish will take care of his business on the field and let that do the talking for him. Not sure why people put stock into what any other radio or television station believes. But that’s sports, right? Not about an opinion, it’s about who’s right — and who’s not.

Barrett going elsewhere

TCU lost a big time recruit when Ty Barrett, an offensive lineman from Dallas Skyline, decided he was going to open the recruiting race once again. Barrett had committed to TCU and head coach Gary Patterson back in August of last year but it would seem unlikely the Horned Frogs would end up landing him again at the February 1st deadline of signing day.

Matt Garza the ex…

Matt Garza is now officially an EX. The former Texas Ranger, though only for a short while, signed a four-year $52 million deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. It surprised me, and several others, because it was assumed that the Los Angeles Angels, especially after losing out on Masahiro Tanaka, would go hard after the right-hander. Not sure if talks ever heated up between the two sides but well done to the Brewers. I think Garza likes the National League better anyway.

Rangers need to make a decision

I’m still trying to figure out why there are those who like the idea of Alexi Ogando being back in the rotation. After three trips to the disabled list in one season, I would think that alone would be enough to think, “gee, maybe this isn’t a good idea after all.” With the injury to Derek Holland maybe the Texas Rangers don’t have that much of a choice, I just hope they know better. But I doubt it. One thing I will add is I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you start hearing Ubaldo Jimenez and the Texas Rangers linked over the next month or so.

The Super Bowl shouldn’t be in cold weather cities

The Super Bowl is coming up and I, for one, hope the weather is the worst this game has ever seen. Why? Because the game shouldn’t be in a cold weather city as it is and, if they do intend on putting it somewhere that lands 15 inches of snow in one weekend, or sees freezing temperatures, at least make sure the game is played in a dome or a stadium that can close the roof. Especially since the NFL sees fit to charge somewhere around $2,000 just for a seat at the game, not to mention $1 million for a suite, shouldn’t they at least make sure the fans are comfortable? No offense to the state of New Jersey, but the biggest game on the NFL schedule should be held somewhere like Miami or southern California. I would add Dallas….sorry….Arlington to the list but we showed how well our road crews can handle crappy weather and road conditions.

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