Robbie Ross Interview, Rangers Preview, Josh Brent and more

Tonight we talked with the owner of Mixed Up Burgers, Kyle. We followed him up with an incredible interview with Rangers pitcher Robbie Ross. We talked about his NOH8 campaign, his mentality as a starter and what it takes to be a starter vs a closer. We then moved on to previewing the Rangers by position starting with the catchers, first basemen and DH’s. To close the podcast we talk about the Josh Brent saga and even give a shout out to our girl Lindsey at Mixed Up Burgers.

As always, Enjoy.



4 Comments on Robbie Ross Interview, Rangers Preview, Josh Brent and more

  1. Is there a reason this podcast isnt on itunes anymore?

    • Steve, we’ve had some difficulties since transitioning the podcast over to the new website. It’s something we’re still working on.

      • Good to see them up on itunes now. Love listening to your podcast. Not much Rangers talk up here in Pittsburgh. Cant wait for the season to start and have the podcast be mostly Rangers stuff!!

  2. Steve, thanks for listening. I was finally able to solve the podcast issues with iTunes. Glad that you enjoy!

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