Kauf Drops: Jerry Jones is at it Again

Is this really about winning for Jerry Jones, or about credit? (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The NFL’s terrible decision

The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday and, for the first year in I don’t know how long, I really could care less. I know it’s the biggest game on the National Football League calendar and I realize that “Super Bowl Sunday” has been a tradition all over this great country for most of my life, but when the NFL actually has to consider moving the game to Saturday or Monday that should tell them they made a huge error in judgment allowing the game to take place in freezing weather.

Not only that, but charging an astronomical amount for people to sit in the stands, freeze, and shiver for three or more hours, not to mention charging more than a million dollars to sit in a suite, is the biggest joke and possible disaster the NFL has ever had to deal with. But, it’s their own fault and I for one was kind of looking forward to a complete weather related mess on Sunday.

I was half hoping for a forecast of heavy snow and below freezing temperatures just to see what a cluster this could really turn out to be. Can you imagine the halftime show being done by a top star and having to come out in winter clothes that would make the Michelin man look summer ready?

At this point, what’s to stop Green Bay, Wisconsin, from throwing their hat in the ring for a Super Bowl game a few years down the road? Or Minnesota? Or Chicago for that matter? Can you imagine a Super Bowl in Chicago with their freezing temperatures and that wind hitting you like someone was pounding nails into your skin for three hours?

Good luck, NFL.


A.J. Burnett a Fix in Texas?

A.J. Burnett has decided that he is not going to retire and, instead, will pitch at least one more year. Prior to his decision, Burnett had said he was going to pitch for the Pittsburgh Pirates or no one at all. Well, apparently his mind has changed and now will be looking for teams not based in Pittsburgh, namely the Baltimore Orioles and Philadelphia Phillies are the two who could be interested.

Keep in mind, Burnett would like to keep his family close to their offseason home in Monkton, Maryland. While he might make some sense where the Texas Rangers are concerned, especially with the injury to Derek Holland and the concern with Matt Harrison after three back surgeries this past year, Burnett has the final say and it would make sense that Texas would be a little too “far from home.”

The only reason he makes sense to me is if it’s on a one-year deal. Anything above that would be a huge risk that might not have the greatest reward attached to it.

However, the last two National League pitchers (Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza) to come to Texas haven’t exactly had the best success.


Jerry Jones is at it Again…

Last night, Jerry Jones did what Jerry Jones does best. Just days before the Super Bowl, with every media outlet converging on the state of New Jersey, he turned their attention back to himself after making a few coaching moves.

For one, Monte Kiffin is now the assistant head coach and assistant defensive coach while Rod Marinelli was promoted to defensive coordinator.

“Rod will be the defensive coordinator and have all the responsibilities that come with that,” said Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett. “Rod will be in that defensive coordinator position and have all the responsibilities that coordinator job has and we’re excited to have him in [that] role. He’s been a defensive line coach, been a head coach, been a coordinator and we’re excited to get him back in that role and have Monte Kiffin in the other role on the defensive staff. It can be good.”

Rob Ryan got one year on the job, dealt with numerous injuries with his defensive players, and was fired for his efforts. Kiffin gets hired to move the defensive scheme from a 3-4 to a 4-3, something he did successfully when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but it ended worse than the job Ryan did just a year earlier as the defense gave up 6,645 total yards, the third most allowed in NFL history, as well as 432 points, good for the second most points in the team’s history. For that, Kiffin only gets demoted – sort of. When Garrett was asked about Kiffin’s exact role going forward he told the media, “He’ll do it from a little bit different role as someone overseeing the defense and working with Rod and the rest of the staff, coaching the coaches, coaching the players and viewing things from a different perspective. But we’re lucky to have him. He knows this defensive scheme as well as anybody and his role will be significant.”

But it doesn’t end there. Jones has also brought in Scott Linehan, the former offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, who will now be the play caller for the Dallas Cowboys. Only he doesn’t get the title of offensive coordinator, that title still belongs with Bill Callahan who, according to a source, was said to be extremely unhappy if Linehan were to be brought in. Sorry Bill.

However, the fact that the Cowboys are admitting who will be calling the plays in 2014 is a definite step in the right direction from 2013 when Garrett, who was asked repeatedly, would never tell anyone who was actually calling the plays until good ole Jerry let it slip late in the season.

At this point I wonder what Garrett’s exact role is other than the guy who stands on the sidelines with his arms folded or the guy who says “football,” “it’s a process,” and “three phases” during every press conference he does.


TCU could have a big signing day

Signing day is just a few days away which means the college football world is about to go completely crazy. If you’re on any social media network, especially Twitter, you’ll start seeing a lot of tweets from the college football writers, recruiting analysts, or schools themselves announcing each fax they get or decision that comes down from any of the recruits who will be signing their official letters of intent.

The only thing I can compare it to is Major League Baseball’s July trading deadline. It’ll feel a lot like that especially since players will be changing their minds at the last minute.

Locally, TCU and head coach Gary Patterson could be looking at a big signing day especially after landing six recruits for the 2014 class this past weekend, two of which included a former Texas Longhorns commit (Emanuel Porter) and another one they were able to flip from Texas Tech (LJ Collier).

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